I'm a sports enthusiast. As a long time Cal Bear fan, I've learned that you can't win 'em all. That said, it helps me to know that other fan bases are also suffering.

Here are some links to the most infamous coaching rants ever:

"Playoffs?!?" by Jim Mora (Indianapolis Colts-NFL)


"You Play to Win the Game" by Herman Edwards (New York Jets- NFL)


"Game Face" by Bob Knight (Univ of Indiana- NCAA Basketball)


"It's Division 1 Football" by Dan Hawkins (Univ of Colorado- NCAA Football)


"Who We Thought They Were" by Dennis Green (Arizona Cardinals- NFL)


"Stupid Ass Questions" by Hal Mcrae (Chicago Cubs- MLB)


"I'm a Man" by Mike Gundy (Okahoma State Univ- NCAA Football)


"You Know What This Is All About?" by Mark Mangino (Univ of Kansas- NCAA Football)

"Consider Yourself Sucked!" by Bill Parcells (Dallas Cowboys- NFL)


"I'll Kill You" by John Chaney (Univ of Temple- NCAA Basketball)

"Not 10 F***ing Games" by Jim Boehiem (Syracuse Univ- NCAA Basketball)


"A Damn Coaching Mistake" by John L. Smith (Colorado State- NCAA Football)


"Bad Breath" by Lou Pinella (Chicago Cubs- MLB)




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