Ajay Prakash


Co-Founder & CEO 

Ben is a great person to work with.  He's resourceful, creative, and exudes positive energy.  As our first marketing hire, he single-handedly led customer acquisition and brand development efforts during a formational time at Rinse



Shawn Carolan


Founder & CEO

I've met a lot of marketing people that are good talkers and know the lingo. Ben is different. Yes, he's smart, fun to work with, and knows the tools, but what really sets him apart is his execution. It's guys like Ben that make great ideas happen.


Jordan Koene


ChiEf Evangelist

Ben and I were peers on the Internet Marketing team at eBay. He seamlessly transitioned from a business development role on to the SEO team. His ability to hit the ground running proved to me that he has the intellect and mindset to tackle hard to solve problems in any situation.