MIke Gunderson

Direct Mail Marketing

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As the Founder and President of Gunderson Direct Inc, Mike makes sure your direct marketing strategy is focused, tactical, and above all, successful. From consultation and planning to execution and analysis, Gunderson Direct delivers real value on your marketing investment.

Gunderson Direct is an advanced agency partner that specializes in helping businesses drive leads and close business through traditional offline channels, especially direct mail.

Gunderson Direct offers focused expertise to a select set of clients. Specializing in cultivating successful, long-term client engagements that naturally lead to strong referral business, Mike and his team leverage their deep expertise and smart, performance-driven strategies to exceed your marketing goals.  

Areas of Expertise

direct response

Peer-To-Peer lending

recurring rev business models

B2B cloud services


Innovative Fintech

Consumer retial

aggressive growth

Silicon Valley startups

career Experience


Gunderson Direct inc // marketing expert 

Gunderson Direct doesn't try to be all things to all people. What they do is direct response, and they do it better than anyone through deep expertise and smart, performance-driven strategy. Whatever your DM goals, Gunderson Direct can help you reach them.

eo silicon valley // President

EO injects a powerful dose of fresh life and energy into business. EO Silicon Valley enables members to enjoy personal, collaborative relationships with business peers, people who understand business success, and how to increase it. 

notjunkmail.com // creator & developer

Thirteen years and a billion of pieces of mail later, notjunkmail.com is still focused solely on direct marketing. It’s what they do, and they dig it! As a result, they’re one of the Bay Area’s most experienced and trusted direct marketing agencies.

Education & Certifications


academy of art University



Personal Interests

Triumph Motorcyles

father of three

art and design

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