Lindsay Steller

experiential marketing

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Lindsay is a marketing professional with extensive experience in account management, business development, and sales. Her unique expertise lies in her ability to engage audiences in compelling and actionable ways. Lindsay doesn't just create content for consumption, she facilitates interactions that allow audiences to authentically participate in the brand experience. 

Lindsay develops short and long-term strategies to grow retail demonstration programs, experiential marketing, consumer insights, and creative services which help your brand reach revenue and profit targets.

Lindsay will engage your target audience in unique ways and create unforgettable experiences for your brand! 

Areas of Expertise

New Business Development

Marketing strategy

team leadership

Integrated Marketing

Sales & pipeline management


Retail Marketing

strategic partnerships

consumer insights

career Experience


Interactions marketing // director of sales & Marketing

Founded in 1988, Interactions is a global leader in product demonstrations and experience marketing programs for retailers and brands. With a team of more than 45,000 associates around the world, Interactions creates and executes more than 2 million events every year, managing 5,500 events each day for major retailers.

premise Immersive marketing // campaign manager

Premise is a full service agency that builds positive connections between brands and youth. Premise provides the depth of expertise needed to resonate with young people in ways that are trend conscious. Premise projects impact targeted consumer segments from the inside out to provide your brand the authentic foundation needed for success. 

fastenal Company // Assistant product manager

At Fastenal, Lindsay developed, launched, and managed the vocational/technical
school sales efforts for the newly acquired Craftsman Tool line. Including market research, product packaging, sales techniques and training, as well as general logistical coordination of efforts.

Education & Certifications


winona state university


B.S. Marketing, statistics, business administration



Personal Interests




Time with the Kiddos

Home design and decor


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