Jennifer Sturgill

analytics Expert

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Jennifer is a well-rounded, results-driven, and energetic marketing professional with 10 years combined experience working primarily in the high-tech industry. Her background is unique in that she has worked in analytics, program management, and marketing operations. Jenn leverages her cross-functional knowledge to drive business decisions and draws from her work with data and marketing technologies, which is her passion.

Jenn takes joy in improving the bottom-line through smart, modern marketing and automation for her clients. She also writes a data-oriented blog on her Analytics Angels website, which focuses on new trends and other exciting topics related to business growth and development.

Areas of Expertise

Marketing Analytics

Multi-Touch Attribution

Complex Data Aggregations

Integrated Channel Reports

Website Tag Management

Data Cleansing Techniques

ROMI & KPI Dashboards

MarTech Content Development & Curation

Data Process Development

career Experience


analytics angels // founder & owner

Analytics Angels was founded in 2015 when Jenn Sturgill wanted to combine her passions of marketing and data analysis with helping companies reach their modern marketing potential. She knew that analytics was not always an easily understood topic for some companies and she truly enjoys educating her clients and using data to glean actionable insights to drive critical business decisions.

bridge partners consulting//manager

At Bridge Partners Consulting, Jenn focuses on account-based marketing & machine learning. She works extensively with Microsoft’s Targeted Account Marketing Program and has developed business requirements documentation (BRD). Jenn has also established reporting specs to create an executive-level program dashboard in Power BI that is used on rhythm-of-business (ROB) calls.

yesler // marketing data analyst

Jenn was lead marketing data analyst for the two largest digital media accounts at Yesler, a B2B marketing agency offering data-driven, buyer-centric marketing solutions for every stage in the customer life-cycle. She built custom data aggregation tools, a robust paid media dashboard, created data-map processes, and implemented practices to document data change history. 

Education & Certifications

University of california, berkeley

BA, environmental economics and policy



Personal Interests

The Outdoors


world travel



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