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Tara Ryan - CMO of Swrve

Swrve enables brands to connect with their customers with relevant messages in real time


Tara Ryan is the CMO of Swrve - a platform that enables brands to connect with their customers with relevant messages in real time with live data at scale. Prior to her current role, Tara worked at companies such as Skuid, Coupa Software, and ProofPoint. 

Show notes

Getting Into Marketing (02:13) 

I was a History major in College and I worked at an advertising agency that managed liquid air as a client.

Being a Woman in Marketing Sphere (06:03) 

I have worked directly for the CEO for over 20 years and most of the time I'm either the only woman on executive staff or there might be one or two more. 

One thing I have learned when you go to your review meeting or when you are asking for a promotion is to make sure that your results stand on their own. 

Career Transitions (11:00) 

When I was at NetSuite, I took 2 years and got a Masters in Transformative Leadership, where my classes were in cultural diversity, scenario building and change management.  

Oracle and McAfee Experiences (12:47) 

When I look back, I had some wonderful mentors and the marketing department was less than 200 people at the time. We got to develop a lot of friendships I still have today. 

There were only two people that managed to advertise at Oracle at that time. I also traveled a lot thanks to Oracle. 

I've been really lucky in my career to get teams with incredible work ethics, ambitions and creativity. 

You need to be your biggest advocate. 

Becoming a CMO (23:55)

My strengths were related to media buying. A weakness was public relations. But I realized, I couldn’t be a CMO unless I can really manage and be very strategic in both the earned as well as the paid for medians.

The Role at Swrve (28:16) 

The lesson I learned in the last 10 years is that there should be no difference between sales and marketing. We should really operate as one and if we don't then it's just hurting the growth of the company. 

The Role of Gender on Career (30:42) 

Today things are much different than they were in the past. There are more women in executive roles and the more cultural diversity which is lovely. Also, as I mentioned earlier, no one's going to carve out your career unless you do it for yourself.

I think there are some hopeful career paths today and a lot of openings for younger people.