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Adrienne Buhmann - Head of Channel Partners for Google's Marketing Platform


Adrienne Buhmann is a digital marketing sales leader specialized in programmatic media and partnership development. Prior to her current role at Google, she worked for companies such as eBay, The Trade Desk, and Accenture.

Show notes

Getting Into Marketing (02:17)

I graduated from Cornell University where I did industrial engineering. I wanted to go into optimization and a handful of other more industrial places.

I went to work for Accenture as a consultant. I didn’t know what I wanted to do next and I thought that this would be a great way to get experience on a variety of projects.

The Role at eBay (06:42)

When I first got to eBay, I did search marketing. It was very exciting because it is here that I realized that I can apply my engineering degree.

I liked being in a big company and I love having a structure in place. eBay is also an innovative company. At that time, our technology was changing, there's rapid innovation, and we were positioned in a team that could go after it.

Moving From One Channel To Another (08:53)

This was one of the most important milestones for me. It’s also the advice I would love to give others. Do not be afraid of change.

I was asked to move from search to display team. Embracing that project was a big pivotal moment for me.

The Experience at Trade Desk (16:47)

I was the Head of their Product Solutions at the time and it gave me great exposure to their CEO and CTO. I did things I never did before.

That was a really great experience. The challenging part was that the role was remote and I have realized that I wasn’t really a big fan of that.

Getting Into Google (19:15)

During that part of my life, I had gotten married and I craved more stability. I found that easier with a big company such as Google.

The perks at Google are amazing but I gotta be honest- I don’t get to use a lot of them.

When you are there, you still need to learn, do all the training and navigate everything.

Developing Internal Advocates (31:41)

Identify people in your company and cultivate relationships with them.

Advice For Young Female Marketers (33:19)

Navigating career is hard as there are other personal issues you have to deal with in life. Remember to take a break when you need to.

The other thing is - it's not always about climbing the ladder. You may get somewhere and realize that you might not like it. It's okay to say “I’m going to try this and I don’t like it. I’m going to do something different”.