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Mary Beth McCabe - Owner of Sun Marketing 

Sun Marketing is a media and marketing agency that serves growth-hungry companies


Mary Beth McCabe has been an entrepreneur in digital marketing since1993. She’s the owner of Sun Marketing, which specializing in media buying and hispanic marketing, and she’s an associate professor of marketing at the National University's MBA program.

Show notes

Getting Into Marketing (02:01) 

My first class in advertising in college really got me excited about what I could do. My role model in journalism was Barbara Walters.

I also worked as a disc jockey hosting a radio show. After that, I started working as an account executive in Chicago. I was the first woman at this job. 

Being the Only Woman in the Field (05:44) 

It was a hustle, but it was also kind of fun because you were always doing something different every day. You go into work and you don’t know what you’re going to deal with. 

The Move to an Educator (11:03) 

After resigning my position in Chicago, I moved to San Diego. I was offered the VP of Marketing position. This brand new station opened up a few months after my arrival and they were owned by a university. I was qualified as an employee. 

The dean of University encouraged me to get a Ph.D. which I started combing with a sales job. After that, I started my own course. 

I stayed at the TV station until 1993 and then I started my own company. 

Balancing Everyday Tasks and Roles (12:51) 

I was putting in at least 60 hours a week at the job in sales and then I would teach maybe for a semester. 

Starting a Marketing Company (14:04) 

I saw the future of the Internet. I had a great experience seeing what bullets and boards were and what they were going to be as an internet startup. 

My first client was an internet startup company. 

There were so many failures along the way. But, I want to encourage you to fail fast. I tried to start up an association of all the TV stations in the San Diego area, but that failed. 

It was very important for us to have our own product too. We have created the world's first guide to independent travel which was a big success. 

Developing Agency (22:36) 

I surrounded myself with mobile marketing experts over the last eight years and I just see the shift in where digital has come from and where it's going. 

Mobile is our most important focus for the future. 

The biggest skill I have learned is to be willing to accept changes. This is the one constant that so many of us resist. 

Advice For Young Female Marketers (26:57) 

One of the best things you could do is to travel. You'll be able to put yourself into someone else's mindset, into someone else's culture, into someone else's experience. 

Challenge yourself, see the world, understand different perspectives.