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Vicki Brakl - VP of Integrated Marketing at MNI Targeted Media

MNI Targeted Media is a media planning and buying solution


Vicki Brakl is the VP of Integrated Marketing at MNI Targeted Media, which is a media planning and buying solution that identifies and targets precise audiences across platforms. She held a variety of managerial and executive roles spanning across companies that are CPG agencies and professional services.

Show notes

Getting Into Marketing (02:10)

My career in Marketing started when I got promoted to an Associate Marketer role right out of procurement at Pepsi Cola.

One of the things I learned at this time is that it’s okay to be a little bit ahead. Also, it’s okay not to know all the answers, especially when you're diving into a brand new space.

The Agency Experience (10:27)

I was very lucky to be able to manage seven different agencies for what is now probably the number one or number two financial institution and consumer bank in the country.

The role was to ensure the best work across these seven agencies and manage all the line items.

In the beginning, I didn't know a lot about the financial industry, so that was a huge learning curve.

The Startup Experience (14:50)

The thing I learned is that if you are funded in a way that's not like a startup, the team tends to not act like a startup and you become a little bit more comfortable.

We had the resources of a huge corporation and the things that I learned there were the incredible team that I had around me.

Dealing With Pressure in Small Organisations (21:23)

For me, the change of every day and the unknown is what makes me get out of bed and drive to work.

MNI Integrated Media (27:23)

I got into MNI Integrated Media after my baby was four months old. I am a brand marketer at heart, I am a jack of a lot of different trades, but I really believe in the brand and its power to connect.

Advice For Younger Women (30:54)

Whether it was intentional or not, I always tried to do different things and that has made me an effective leader because I understand different points of view.

I find myself to be a translator. A lot of times when I'm talking to our digital team, my primary role is to translate. I've had to do that in all of my roles and translate that into a clean, clear and concise message for both clients and their customers.

My advice is to be willing to be scared. Be willing to be uncomfortable and be brave.