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Christine Mortensen - President and Founder of Sprk’d

Sprk’d is a digital marketing agency that brings deep expertise in three areas core to solving today’s marketing challenges: User Experience, Visual Design, and Content Marketing


As a marketer with over 20 years of experience, Christine brings a unique and well-rounded perspective to online marketing campaigns. She specializes in website UX/UI, graphic design, and strategy. Christine also created a Facebook group called ‘The Women in MarTech’ which has the goal of connecting like-minded professional women. 

Show Notes

Part 1

Christine’s Background, Creating Sprk’d and The Women In MarTech Facebook Group (02:43) 

I’m the owner of the Sprk’d agency which was founded 7 years ago in Chicago. We’re specialized in content marketing and we mostly operate in the B2B space. Lately, we’ve had more focus on women-owned and minority-owned businesses. 

The Challenges That Women Are Facing (03:55) 

There are so many conferences and networking events that happen at ‘We Works’ across the country, that all have the men on it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, I think that nowadays every event organizer should strive to have a balance of 50/50 as close as possible. And not just women, but people of color too. There needs to be more representation across the board.     

Advice For Men On How They Should Be Operating (09:41) 

The ways I think men can help is by trying to be aware of who they choose to work with. If a specific person is the best one to do a job, then go with that person, no matter their gender. 

The Fields In Which Women Are Successful (13:12) 

I do think there’s plenty of women in the marketing space, but there are not many of them in the higher level roles. 

Where Men Make Mistakes (17:59) 

Don’t refer to women as girls. Mansplaining is another thing and it happens on a variety of levels. Also, do not talk over people. It’s so rude, no matter what your gender is. I would also urge men to stop other men from doing these things. That’s how you can truly be an ally to women and people of color. 


The Women In MarTech Facebook Group (02:29) 

The group is a way for women to get more speaking opportunities. Secondly, it became a really great community just to talk about things that women need help with every day. Topics range from creating email campaigns, coming up with strategy topics, dealing with HR issues etc. 

Why Women Working With Women Provides Value (04:05) 

I tend to avoid the term ‘safe space’ because it became stigmatized these days, but the community is a place where you can have an open discussion about challenges that you’re facing without the potential for being scrutinized by men. 

Things That Are Important For Women When They Are Looking For Speaking Opportunities (06:53) 

One of the things that women should do when they are looking for speaking opportunities is to look at past conferences and see what the panel makeup was. If there is an opportunity to approach a particular conference that hasn't had a large representation of women, maybe bring that to their attention.  Tell them how you can contribute from a topic perspective, but also from a diversification perspective. 

A Vision For The Future (12:03) 

The first goal is to make the directory more public. Beyond that, I would love to grow this into a podcast of our own. 

Ideally down the line, we want to make this a proper community. 

Men Supporting The Women In MarTech Group (14:02) 

If you want to help, the easiest way is to pass on information about this group to other women you work with.