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Craig Klein - President and CEO at SalesNexus

SalesNexus is a comprehensive solution for CRM, marketing & email automation, and lead generation for companies of any size. SalesNexus has helped thousands of sales teams reach new heights by organizing and automating their customer processes.


Show Notes

Part 1

Craig’s Background and Sales Nexus (02:11) 

My background is in sales. One of the main problems that most organizations have is the line between marketing and sales. And when we first started Sales Nexus that was the first thing that hit me over the head. 

We quickly learned that marketing was going to be essential too, to fill our funnel. There was a big disconnect in measuring what was happening in the digital marketing side of things. 

Why CRM is Essential (03:41) 

In our experience over the last 15 years, most SMBs are doing a terrible job at responding to leads who keep waiting for too long. They're not handling them properly and they're not following up enough. Secondly, they are also not nurturing leads. 

We typically see a 10 to 20 percent increase in sales, over about four to six months, with most companies that implement the basics of those two areas. 

The Stages of Keeping a Relationship (05:21) 

It depends on the market that you are in. When we're talking about salespeople, we're mostly talking about B2B with some exceptions of course. 

The Overlap Between Marketing and Sales (07:10) 

Ultimately they're both overlapped completely. Even when I'm closing a deal as a salesperson, there are messages that my customers are going to receive one way or the other. In a perfect world, they should all work together and that’s what we are trying to achieve. 

We have simplified it and combined it into one solution that’s easy for SMBs to use. 

At the top of the funnel, there is a focus on the customer's pain points. If you have a problem, we have a solution. It is all about establishing credibility with case studies, testimonials, etc. 

How to Keep the Relationship Alive (13:43) 

At a really simple level, you want to go back to the pain point and keep offering valuable content. 

If you have this problem, then here are some tips, tricks, and interesting stuff that can help you. That's how you're going to keep that line of communication open as long as possible. 

If you ask me, 90 percent of the battle is just maintaining brand awareness. 

Last Words (16:35) 

Most salespeople hate using CRMs and that’s why most companies don’t have them. 

We just released a new capability that literally tracks the conversions coming in, based on AdWords ad group. So now you can do a pipeline report. 

Part 2

Setting Up a CRM System (02:40) 

You’ve got two extremes on the spectrum. You can get a super highly customized CRM solution. It almost looks like something that was built specifically for your business. You can spend a lot of money on that kind of solution with companies like Oracle or SAP. It’s very expensive and takes a lot of time to get it all set up. Also, the worst part is - it ends being very complex for the end-user. 

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got these one size fits all solutions that are intended to be everything you need. That doesn't work either because every business is a little bit different. 

A CRM needs to reflect these differences so it’s got to be customized. 

And at Sales Nexus we’ve always emphasized that we’re building a tool that is going to make salespeople faster and better at what they do. 

The Integration of the Marketing Technology (05:35) 

I think you always want to head towards simplicity, especially if you're implementing something in a team that hasn't been using some other solution. 

With Sales Nexus, the first step is customizing the screens so that the salesperson can quickly categorize prospects during the conversation. Every customer is on their journey through the system. 

The Onboarding for Marketers and Salespeople (07:48) 

That’s one of the things that many businesses do wrong. Typically, there's maybe one or two people that decide to go on a search for a solution and are the ones who make a selection. 

You’ve got to do it the opposite way. 

First, you need to gather the whole team, everyone who is going to be a user. Everybody who’s going to be impacted by process changes. 

Everybody needs to be a part of the process of narrowing down the right solution. 

We created something called ‘4 Steps to Market Domination’ to tackle the issue of not using the software. It helps them customize the CRM around their unique needs. 

Sales Nexus (15:34) 

We kind of contract ourselves with two different ends of the spectrum. Our system is built for salespeople while many other marketing automation tools have evolved their CRM capabilities and it’s hard to find a salesperson that loves that because it simply wasn’t built for them. 

On the flip side of that, we contrast ourselves with the popular CRMs that are out there, in that our system has the marketing automation bolted into it. 

You don't need an extra module for that. You don't need a whole other team to manage that for you. So we're just one simple system all combined into one built for salespeople.