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Mike Orr - Co-Founder at Grapevine6

Mike is a product manager who’s passionate about the intersection of design, technology and business. Grapevine6 uses that intersection to deliver relevant content for business professionals in a fun and easy to use experience.


Show Notes

Part 1

Mike’s Background - (01:47) 

Everything started 15 years ago. I started a startup with University colleagues in the advertising technology sphere. We ended up selling that company to a marketing agency. There we learned the best how brands use content to engage with their audiences.

We wanted to build something that was accessible to entrepreneurs like us, to individual salespeople that were building businesses. 

That’s where we have built AI to make it really scalable. 

Publishing Content on Personal Blogs - (06:47) 

You’re trying to drive more organic impressions of your brand. 

If you are asking your team to promote something on their social media channels, it’s definitely going to be a transactional relationship with them. You're going to have to find some way to compensate them for that use of their network. 

I think where it gets interesting for marketing is where you are investing in that individual as a thought leader, as somebody that should be respected and have a great network.

The content you create should create a lot of value for their network. 

Why Posting Third-Party Content Is Valuable - (08:46) 

I think it drives the authenticity of what you're doing as an individual and even as a brand. If you try to provide value for others it is going to increase your credibility. 

The more consistently you stay in front of your prospects or your customers at whatever stage of the buyer’s journey they are, without overwhelming them, the better chances you will have to convert them. 

Part 2

What Grapevine Does & Finding Right Content For The Right People - (02:01) 

Grapevine solves the discovery problem. People who are heavy users of social media find it difficult to discover relevant content to publish. 

Grapevine analyses your digital footprint. It looks at your profile and what you have engaged with in the past. Then it distills down those topics that are the right fit for you. 

Matching Content With The Right Customers - (03:09) 

You should start with yourself because that’s the person you are going to know the best. Then match that up to your territory. 

The general approach is to try and figure that out by listening to your audience as well as taking a reflection on yourself. 

The process is going and talking to the internal stakeholders and understanding how they describe their company products and services. Then going and talking to their prospects and understanding what problems they have. 

I’ve come up with an idea of the emergent brand. Start somewhere with a very small idea. That idea is content. What would you like to talk about? What are some of the key people in your audience.

In marketing is also important to track some feedback. We have built that into our app, but you can also use to track engagement. 

Try a few different things and see what works. 

The Right Cadence for Sharing Content - (07:35) 

This is going to be authentic for each person and brand. Some people, especially in the PR world, post content quite often. They are always talking and they are always engaged. 

Then again, there are different brands who post less frequently but that reflects their brand which is also okay. 

We have seen 30 to 50 percent of engagement when you’re adding your own commentary to third-party content. 

On Twitter, you’re going to see more activity. Twitter attracts lots of readers as there are fewer advertisers. 

On LinkedIn however, posting once a day is enough. 

Posting three times a day is usually the best practice on Twitter. 

Evaluating Social Posts - (12:16) 

Linkedin provides a great summary of who saw your content by role and even by company. You can also use a URL shortener tool to measure your performance. 

If you’re seeing more comments, more visibility, and more people liking your posts, over time you’re going to see what’s really been working. 

Grapevine Tool - (14:34) 

When we started the company, we designed it for entrepreneurs and for people that needed to build their brand. 

We also have an enterprise version which allows the marketing group to inject their own content and lift the brand impressions. 

We do have a free version that’s widely available for everybody to try.