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Katie Bullard - President and Chief Growth Officer at DiscoverOrg

Katie is a strategic business and technology executive and board member focused on scaling businesses for transformational growth through deep go-to-market expertise, cross-functional operational excellence and M&A leadership.


Show Notes

Part 1

Katie’s Background - (01:56) 

I joined Discover Org about three years ago as the CMO and I'm now the President and Chief Growth Officer.  I didn’t have a background in Marketing until about midway through my career. 

I actually started in government and budgeting of all places - probably the farthest place from Marketing you could start. 

One of the things I have learned is how powerful it is to have the mindset of the marketer, regardless of the role. 

At Discover Org, we believe that data fuels every single piece of your go to market strategy. 

The Overview of What Discover Org Does - (04:25) 

Marketers are looking to find data on their target prospects or on their customers. Discover Org provides that data for them. We also help with enriching that data by providing more information. 

They can also engage with their target accounts directly from our platform. 

The Approach to Data Collection - (07:21) 

We have a few techniques for data collection. We have a team of researchers that collects data. And we collect some data with the tools that we have built. However, all of our data is verified by our team of researchers before it goes into the platform. 

Companies That Buy These Kind of Data - (08:45) 

Any sales and marketing team that's looking to strategically go to market realizes that data is going to fuel those efforts. 

We actually see that our universe of customers includes everyone from a five-person startup that's just trying to build pipeline for the very first time to Fortune 10 companies that are highly sophisticated.

One of the primary ways that our customers use our data is to enrich inbound leads that are coming in.

Our customers also use Discover Org to map the organizational relationships within their target accounts. 

List Building Costs - (14:27) 

The answer to every company is a little bit different. The cost of not investing in data is higher than investing in it. 

If you don’t invest in data there are a few things that will happen. First, you’re going to end up with bad data in your system. We’ve found that for every bad record that sits in your CRM you’re losing $11 for that one record. Over the course of a year, about 30 percent of your data will go bad.

The average customer spends about $20,000 with us.

Thinking About Target Customers - (20:33) 

Our platform delivers value regardless of the size and the stage of the customer. We do see differences in how our customers are using us based on their sophistication and maturity.

Part 2

The History of DiscoverOrg - (02:32) 

The company was founded in 2007 and I joined three years ago. Since then the company has grown astronomically. The organic growth was incredible. 

Our data sets are used by marketing departments, sales departments, engineering departments, etc. That’s what lead to our recent acquisition of Zoom Info. 

We invested a lot in the outbound prospecting team and sales engagement tools. 

We also invested in our inbound channel. We were really focused on getting ourselves in front of the buyers that were most likely to buy from us. 

Our SDR team was split into an inbound and outbound team. 

The CEO and Co-Founder also understood the market and he built something that was needed. 

Digital Marketing Strategy That Discover Org Used - (08:06) 

We invested in very targeted content. We invested in a video strategy that drove up our SEO rankings as well. We also did some paid advertising but it was very limited. 

The marketing budget at Discover Org has been less than 3% of revenue and it drives 60% of the new sales revenue. 

We also went to very targeted events where our target buyers were. We had an ABM (account-based marketing) program. Our list had 5000 targeted accounts. 

In general, we did a little bit of everything with a small budget. If you don’t know your ideal customer profile, you’re gonna waste a lot of time and money. 

The Acquisition of Zoom Info - (10:11) 

Zoom Info didn’t have the human verification layer that Zoom Info had but there really wasn’t a better database out there. 

We decided to join forces with this company that was also growing incredibly fast. 

The acquisition was completed three months ago. 

We’re trying to bring the breadth and the comprehensiveness of the Zoom Info data to the depth and the insights of the Discover Org data. 

We knew that Zoom Info had a great and talented team and that was another reason we decided to join forces.