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Show Notes

Our non-quantifiable goals are to gain a better understanding of who our customers are and to mitigate some risks by cultivating new growth channels.

We're adding multiple different formats of content and we're evaluating an opportunity to build a podcast network beyond just producing content for the MarTech podcast.

In terms of our quantifiable goals, we are trying to reach 100,000 downloads per month, generate $100,000 in sponsorship revenue and record a hundred pieces of content.

This month we have generated 42,000 downloads.

This month we invested $12,000 in marketing, which is also a new record for us.

We invested $4,500 this month in Knit platform and we've been placing ads on the inside newsletter platform pretty consistently through last quarter. This month we tried something new - instead of newsletter ads, we went for a dedicated email. We emailed 50,000 marketers trying to drive interest into one of our sponsored posts.

We also had two live streams and we are testing influencer marketing.

We’re also working hard to try to make the MarTech podcast a real business and our goal is to generate $100,000 in revenue. We made nearly $45,000 in revenue so far.

From a business perspective, we're feeling pretty good about everything that's happening on that side of the business.

We're bringing on more content editors, more production assistants, and as we start thinking about scaling our podcast, we're launching the Finding a Job podcast this upcoming month.