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Robert Glazer - Founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners delivers performance-based customer acquisition and partnership programs for the world's leading brands


Robert is an Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, and Speaker. He’s the Founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners which, an award winning global affiliate marketing agency that helps clients create transparent, high-value programs that bring more customers, incremental sales, and faster growth. 

Show Notes

Part 1

Robert’s Background and Acceleration Partners (02:07) 

Acceleration Partners is the largest independent global management agency. We really believe in the performance model and that digital marketing is moving towards people paying for outcomes.

What Is An Affiliate Program And What Isn’t (03:30) 

Affiliate marketing is not a channel and I think that's often misunderstood. It is a methodology. It is a way to partner with people. It's just the way of creating a commission based or performance relationship between a publisher and an advertiser. 

How Do People Evaluate What Is Generating Incremental Revenue (13:29) 

People started to actually have attribution technology. In Gen Two it started to be a real push towards paying the highest volume affiliates the least amount of money. 

So if someone was driving a lot of volumes, some brands would say that it wasn’t of good quality, and instead of paying them 10 percent, they would pay them 2 percent. That’s when you started to really see commission rates go down rather than commission rates go up. 

The Gen 3 (16:59) 

A lot of the platforms today offer across channel analytics and pretty sophisticated commissioning. There’s a lot of flexibility. But there is also a lot more competition in technology. 

How Do I Know When I Should Launch An Affiliate Program (18:42) 

Generally, we like to see a company at a couple of million dollars in revenue before they launch an affiliate program. As a new brand, you have to fight for shelf space. If you experimented on your affiliates early on and they didn't do well, they're not going to be super receptive. 

You could set up an affiliate program probably for a couple of hundred dollars per month. 

I think that the time when you can really put the resources to scale the program properly is probably 10-25 million in revenue when you can treat it really like a channel in your business. 

If you’re the owner and if you want to have this in place, you can start early. Just don't get into a really long-term contract. 

Part 2

What Should People Expect When Launching an Affiliate Program (02:36) 

They should talk to their vendors about some of those enabling technologies. If you work with a network, they have network quality teams. The independent platforms are opening and the SaaS platforms are using more of like a partnership API approach. 

It’s also important to note that there are two types of fraud. There’s a hard fraud which is fake leads or inappropriately cookie stuffing. Then there's also low quality or attribution fraud, where people are trying to show up at the end of the transaction. 

Certain models have certain elements of risk too. Lead models have a lot more hard fraud. 

How To Attract Affiliates (03:34) 

We have built Business Development functionality. We have technology that looks at people that rank in certain areas. We look at patterns, people that we worked with before and similar verticals. It's really built up like business development and recruiting function in which we reach out to people who we know already perform in the space. You can also reach out to someone and ask them to join your program. 

Scaling Affiliate Programs Without Bringing On Incremental Risk (11:24) 

With these global platforms, we're finding that a lot of brands are expanding much faster across the globe. They're growing quickly and we're helping them expand to new regions and geographies. 

They can do this on a single global platform, which is something you couldn't do 10 years ago. 

The large percentage of our clients are adding new regions, languages, and geographies each month.