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Scott Brinker - VP of Platform Ecosystems at HubSpot

Scott Brinker is the VP of Platform Ecosystems at HubSpot. He’s also the editor and creator of Chief Martec Blog and he has the founding program chair at the MarTech conference. 


Show Notes

What is MarTech (02:48) 

MarTech is pretty much any technology we use in the service of marketing. What’s interesting is that we’ve gone through an evolution where for years nobody knew what MarTech is. And then over the past five years, we’ve started to get the emergence of a class of marketing technologists. 

However, they were like a little tribe separated from the rest of the marketing organization. And what’s exciting now is that we’re starting to get to that tipping point where organizations are starting to realize the importance of Marketing Tech and Ops roles. They understand they need to be deeply integrated into how the department runs. 

The Evolution of the MarTech Industry (04:52) 

In fairness, there always was a subset of marketing that was data and tech-oriented. 

In the past couple of years, almost all of these major MarTech suites have refocused themselves around being MarTech platforms in a true platform sense. 

Moving to a Platform Approach (08:08) 

As consumer innovations are continuing to advance and all the new features keep popping up, the platforms have the opportunity to say - here are all the different little pieces for your particular MarTech stack. We’re going to give you a solid foundation that orchestrates that and pulls it all together. 

Who is the Member of the Community (10:01) 

The community of people who you would still call MarTechers is paying attention to the technology. They’re treating it as a part of their mission. Their number seems to have grown tremendously over the past couple of years but they’re still a subset of the overall marketing community. 

I don’t believe that every Marketer needs to be a MarTecher but it will be difficult to find an organization that doesn’t have at least one MarTecher. 

Putting the Conference Together (11:57) 

The tagline of the conference is ‘MarTech is Marketing’. When Mark proposed it I was very happy with it because it nails the exact phenomenon that we’re seeing here. 

We tried to rearrange the content for the conference taking into consideration that there are probably two audiences. We have the core people and people who are just outside that core function, but they’ve got to understand how this stuff works. 

The Content of the Show (17:16) 

I feel like this is the best program we’ve put together yet. We’ve got three tracks roughly organizing things around topics of marketing and leadership. We’ve also got a whole track on data and analytics because it’s a deep part of what everyone is doing in marketing. 

There will be over 50 sessions in total. And we’re hoping you will walk away with a mini master’s degree in the state of MarTech.