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Anthony Coppedge - Agile Marketing Consultant

Anthony teaches marketing leaders and marketing teams on how to manage the tension between planned and unplanned work so they can deliver value faster. He’s a certified leadership coach and leads an Agile Marketing coaching and training consultancy focused on B2B technology companies.


Show Notes

Anthony’s Background - (01:43) 

I'm a guy who's been in different roles of marketing and communication since 2009. I also had sales leadership experience. In the end, I became an agile marketer. 

Channels For An Effective Agile Marketer - (02:55) 

Agile Marketing is the way we process the workload and prioritize the work for teams to get the right kind of marketing delivered. Agile is the behind-the-scenes engine to marketing that scales.

Facebook is making a big push with groups. It’s also making a big push on their messaging app which is going to have an end to end encryption just like WhatsApp has. 

We are also going back to one to one conversations as marketers. 

In order to do things the agile way, you need to understand how your company thinks about solving your problem, how they're describing themselves, and come up with a universally applied voice.

Whenever I work with a new consulting client,  I sit down with all the key stakeholders and I ask them some very high-level questions. 

How do you define your company? Who are your customers? What are their problems? Why is your product the right fit for the problems that they're having?

Everybody inherently has a little bit of a different take on solving those problems. And so I try to find the overlap between everyone's description and find something that everybody agrees on.

Finding The Right Channel Mix - (22:47) 

One of the best things to do is ask questions. Some of the best information is purely anecdotal. 

What you have to do is then go find data that does or doesn't support that. 

Many companies make a big mistake. They only focus on their product’s features and how great they are, instead of actually showing a pain point that they managed to solve.