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Ronald Pruett, Jr. - Managing Partner at the Boston Associates


The Boston Associates is a consulting firm that advises equity firms and enterprises on how they can rapidly reshape and reposition existing businesses to realize their full potential.

Show Notes

Part 1

Show Notes:

  • 02:13 - Ronald’s background and his career overview

  • 04:07 - What makes TV effective and where does it fit into the greater landscape of the digital channels

  • 11:56 - Is TV more focused on direct response or brand advertising

  • 14:05 - Evaluating TV as a channel


  • “I started my career in emerging markets and I have moved and studied abroad.” - Ronald

  • “In the late 90s, I jumped into the venture capital business in Boston.” - Ronald

  • “There’s no channel that pulls it all together and creates as much of an umbrella and a boom to your marketing efforts like television.” - Ronald

  • “People are starting to realize again that television can be a massive driver of traffic.” - Ronald

  • “In many aspects, TV is relaxing.” - Ronald

  • “Every time we do a commercial, we see an immediate increase in clicks to our web properties.” - Ronald

Part 2

Show Notes:

  • 02:46 - The steps you go through when running a TV ad campaign

  • 05:45 - The cost of creating a TV ad

  • 10:12 - The process for understanding where to flight your ads

  • 14:41 - Things to do if TV proves to be ineffective


  • “I’m a big believer that if you build a category that you can own and dominate, then you can also build a successful brand.” - Ronald

  • “With TV, you can buy ads in different size format.” - Ronald

  • “The creative part is incredibly important.” - Ronald

  • “You can expect to pay between $5,000 to $25,000 for a basic ad.” - Ronald

  • “For $50,000 you should be able to get a very good creative and an ad that would last between 60 seconds to one minute and 20 seconds.” - Ronald

  • “It is often much cheaper to broadcast nationally than to buy geo-targeted regional buys.” - Ronald

  • “You need to test constantly. And you need to have attribution in mind.” - Ronald

  • “Once proven effective, television can give you very quick scale which is difficult on other channels.” - Ronald

  • “TV is not the be all and end all for every kind of product or category.” - Ronald

Part 3

Show Notes:

  • 02:47 - Driving business results using television

  • 09:52 - The tricks for making the creative effective

  • 12:04 - Other types of businesses that are using DRTV

  • 14:22 - Last words about direct response television


  • “You have to think about the intent of what you are trying to achieve with the television ad.” - Ronald

  • “Every time you run something on television you are going to see a spike.” - Ronald

  • “What’s old is new again.” - Ronald

  • “The best way to build a brand is through sales.” - Ronald

Part 4

Show Notes:

02:37 - The methodologies and best practices for getting products integrated into television content 

03:50 - Is classic infomercial effective? 

06:20 - The secret for making entertaining content 

07:50 - Getting products and services onto TV 


  • “Getting your products into mainstream TV takes a different level of sophistication.” - Ronald 

  • “The infomercials are dying but new platforms have taken its place.” - Ronald 

  • “600 million Chinese regularly use live stream platforms.” - Ronald 

  • “If your original DNA is built around direct to the consumer it gets a lot easier to pivot.” - Ronald

Part 5

Show Notes:

  • 02:42 - The impact that TV and OTT are going to have on advertisers

  • 09:16 - Is OTT more effective?

  • 11:20 - The impact of mobile on people’s television viewing behaviors

  • 14:42 - Last words


  • “Over time, advertisers are gonna buy TV time in the same way they used to buy Google AdWords.” - Ronald

  • “Television is becoming more digital and vice versa.” - Ronald

  • “The average consumer in the US has over 200 channels.” - Ronald

  • “A lot of the new platforms don’t have a DR time yet.” - Ronald

  • “Marketers and advertisers will start thinking more about mass market opportunities.” - Ronald


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