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Scott Brinker - VP of Platform Ecosystem At Hubspot

Scott Brinker wears two hats in the marketing industry. He’s a software product leader at HubSpot, and Editor-In-Chief of the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog


Scott’ s mission at Hubspot to chart the direction of HubSpot's platform strategy and to grow and nurture thecommunity of technology partners building on the platform. He is also Editor-In-Chief at ChiefMartec Blog, which covers topics at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management. The MarTech conference is Scott’s initiative which was launched in 2014. 

Show notes

MarTech Conference And The Role At The Third Door Media (03:12) 

I have known the people from the Third Door Media for many years. In 2014, the term marketing technologists got a bigger recognition and it started appearing in outlets such as the Harvard Business Review. 

At the time, the CEO of Third Door Media reached out to me to see if there is any interest in creating a conference around the community. We started the first one in the summer of 2014 in Boston. It’s been a rocket ride ever since. 

The MarTech Manifesto (06:45) 

At this point, everyone in marketing needs to be fluent with technology. The MarTech manifesto (which can be found at the Chief Martec blog) says there were three disciplines that used to be separate for many years. These three disciplines are marketing, technology and IT, and management. Today they overlap a lot. 

Why Are Conferences a Good Use of Time and Resources (09:08) 

There are two main advantages that people get out of conferences. The first one is just getting out of the office and eliminating a lot of daily distractions. The second one is being able to connect with your peers. It’s a way to create great professional connections. 

The Biggest Changes In MarTech That Marketers Need To Be Aware Of (11:35) 

We can look at it from a couple of ways. We are starting to get some clarity about what it means to structure a marketing organization. The new rules of marketing technology and operations are how marketing ops leaders can balance things like centralization versus decentralization.

The technology landscape continues to evolve. 

The Speakers And Topics At The MarTech Conference (15:35) 

The vast majority of the speakers are people who are leading marketing, marketing technology or operations in a variety of brands. The people from Netflix will be talking about how they manage experimentation and customer experience. Other brands that will be present include Linkedin, Nordstrom, New York Times, NPR and others.

We have a mix of tech companies, non-tech companies, B2B and B2C examples.