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About Our guest

Amie Durr - Vice President of Product Management at SparkPost

SparkPost is one of the world’s largest and most complex email, text and cross-channel messaging operations

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Amie Durr is the Vice President of Product Management at SparkPost which is one of the world’s largest and most complex email, text and cross-channel messaging operations. SparkPost helps customers break through the noise with data-driven email optimization.

Show notes

Amie’s Background (02:12) 

I’ve been at SparkPost for 8 years. I have a background in Math and Human Sciences. I’ve always been interested in how people work and what tools and things they use to get things done. 

SparkPost (03:06) 

SparkPost is an email service provider for companies where email is critical to their brand. Email continues to be the number one ROI of any marketing channel out there, often by two to three acts of the next leading marketing channel. We focus on how we can help our customers create contextual messages and relationships with their consumers. And we’re doing that with data. 

Specific Problems We’re Trying To Solve at SparkPost (04:17) 

Today we are really inundated with all the different paths that we can communicate with one another and with brands and that became really noisy. 

Personally, I feel completely saturated with all the different ways that I can be talked to.  

We are trying to help our customers to break through all this noise and distraction so they can understand how to have the best relationship with their customers. 

Specific Industries And Personas (06:59) 

We service both B2B and B2C types of organizations and within those, there are many different people you are trying to talk to. If it’s a B2B company, there's a whole set of different challenges and problems that you're trying to solve. When it comes to B2C companies we are helping them drive engagement and conversion. 

Providing Value To The Customers (09:36) 

At the highest level, we provide APIs, template and capabilities, and the ability to track engagement and all of the data that comes back from sending an email. Our tool allows you to create a template and a message, and determine who you're going to send it to through our system. 

We also have data services and products that we're crafting to help you optimize who you're sending to and when you're sending to. 

The Deliverability Service (12:17) 

It is really important that you work with a company that has tools that can automatically understand all of the different roles that are happening at the thousands of different ISPs across the world and be able to handle those things proactively. 

The Types of Companies That Need This Service (16:32) 

Any business that cares about reaching their customers and using email as a channel to engage and drive additional value can use SparkPost. 

If you are sending more than 50,000 emails a month, that’s when you really want to try to understand what is the impact of these activities on you. Below that, you are likely too small for the ISPs.

The Competition (19:36) 

SendGrid and Mailgun are our direct competitors. We have been around email for 20 years now and we have a proprietary technology that underpins most of the world's traffic. 

The KPIs and ROI Of Using The Tool (21:57) 

One of the most important KPIs is if the email got delivered and the engagement rank. When people come to us, they are looking at the ISP response codes. They're looking at third-party tools to help them understand their reputation scores. 

Ultimately it all comes down to driving more revenue and increasing the number of active users. 

Last Words (26:21) 

We would love to talk with you. We think it's important to work with people who are best in class in each of the things that they do, and email is something that we're really passionate about.