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Guy Yalif - Co-Founder and CEO at Intellimize

Intellimize is a platform that automatically optimizes websites to drive revenue and customer acquisition through an AI technology.

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Show Notes

Show Notes: 

02:07 - Getting into marketing

03:56 - The reason for not following the education path 

06:33 - Key takeaways from the product experience 

10:28 - Transition to early-stage startups 

15:34 - Managing work in an environment that changes quickly

18:43 - The role of marketing at the organization 

23:29 - The transition from Twitter to Bright Roll

26:18 - What Intellemize is 

29:03 - How product marketing career helped Guy excel as a founder 

31:19 - Advice for young marketers 


“I started as an Aerospace Engineer and I thought I was going to design airplanes for the rest of my life.” - Guy 

“I was also in charge of leading the Global Product Marketing team at Yahoo.” - Guy 

“I have picked management consulting for 2 reasons - a bunch of friends were trying it and I was born a bit late for the aerospace engineering.” - Guy 

“As a team, we have won Yahoo’s highest internal honor.” - Guy 

“We were using a lot of consumer storytelling techniques in B2B marketing.” - Guy

“Bright Roll was a growing company focused on programmatic advertising.” - Guy 

“The focus of understanding your prospects is crucial in being a founder.” - Guy 

“Go learn by being great at several companies and explore different size companies, different cultures, different environments. It’s the only way to learn what is right for you.” - Guy