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Sean Creeley - Founder at Podsights

Sean founded Embedly in 2010 which was subsequently acquired by Medium in 2016. He is currently focusing on how small companies grow into large ones. His most recent venture is Podsights, which provides modern podcast reporting that digital marketers expect.


Show Notes

The Podcast Advertising Space - (02:10) 

Podcasting has been around for a very long time. What you’re seeing now is a real growth period in the industry. However, the problem with the podcast industry is that it lacks great tools for marketers. 

We are trying to bridge the gap between audio advertising and digital world that people are accustomed to. 

What Podsights Is - (05:47) 

At Podsights we have two integration points. We integrate with your hosting provider, so for MarTech it’s ART19. We have also done integrations with other hosting providers in the space. 

You should be able to get the same amount of data off any hosting provider. 

Podsights has built integrations to make it work seamlessly anywhere. We have a pixel that lives on the brand’s site so we’re able to track page views and purchases.

We user IP matching and user agent matching. The next one we use is cross-device data. 

The Average CTR in the Podcasting Space - (10:20) 

1 to 2 percent is excellent on most podcasts. What we have found is that most brands are not just advertising in podcasts - they're also doing digital and social. 

The Value for People Outside the Direct Response and Click - (16:58) 

We don't actually encourage people to talk too much about downloads these days when it comes to podcasting. We encourage you to change the conversation and talk about the experience and user journeys. Thanks to cross-device providers you can build social retargeting audiences. 

What we encourage people to do is to show their brand, what you've accomplished as a podcaster and that you have a loyal audience that converts. 

The Cost of Podsights - (20:42) 

We charge the publisher, we don't charge the branch. It's generally still built into the campaign costs, but it's about a 0.95 CPM, so slightly less than $2 CPM for attribution.

Podcasting as a whole is going to continue to expand, but we need to bring more brands to the table and teach them how to properly execute a campaign without having them fall on their face.