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About Our guest

Marie Incontrera - Founder at Incontrera Consulting

Incontrera Consulting helps authors sell more books, and thought leaders build their platforms, through social media, podcasts, and TEDx.

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Marie is a 2x TEDx Speaker, Author, Consultant (TEDx, social media, podcast), entrepreneur, musician, and fitness enthusiast. Consulting services include: social media and online branding services, media bookings, TEDx talk development and speaker booking outreach, and book launch services.

Show notes

Part 1

From Music To Consulting Business (03:59) 

This is a funny story. I went to school for music and then I ended up working with my band on Avantgarde jazz. We commissioned and performed first timepieces, that were never heard before.  And the thing about being a musician is that you can be at the top of your game and still be broke. I had a million side hustles and I was still pretty broke. 

A friend called me one day and asked me if I wanted to work as a virtual assistant and we had a couple of meetings about this. 

I started working for online entrepreneurs and executives. Tasks included handling emails, scheduling, updating their website, proofreading, social media etc. 

One of my clients asked me if I could pitch them for a TedX talk and within a month he ended up giving a talk. 

TED As a Channel (07:43) 

I thought that TED was a brilliant way to create expertise and some actionability around your idea. If you are professional, an entrepreneur, if you are someone who works with ideas - you probably have a TED talk in you. It's just a matter of honing it and making it adhere to the TED style. 

Helping People Figure Out What To Say (08:58) 

If somebody says that they don’t have an idea or what to say, we usually help them by discovering their content first and looking for common themes. You have to present your why first and then get into your actionable items. 

Why Are People Trying To Market Ideas (15:25) 

I think ideas are really taking off because of the internet and social media platforms. It may seem like my offerings are really eclectic but the reason that they all tie in is because they all come back to providing value to your customer for free online.

TedX has value in social proof. You are not allowed to sell from the stage or advertise your book, but you can talk about the ideas in the book. 

Part 2

The Importance of TEDx (03:51) 

TED stands for technology, entertainment, and design. A great thing about TED is that anybody can contribute. It is not about you, it is about your idea. TED-style is short and actionable. 

The Dynamics of What It Means To Be On a TED Talk (05:13) 

The real focus of doing a TED or TEDx talk is the video because it has a high production value. It goes on Youtube and then you have the chance for your idea to be heard globally. Great TED talks are relevant to everybody. 

If your idea is specific and yet general enough that it applies to almost anybody, there is the chance that it could go viral. 

Ways To Share The TED Talks (08:02)

The biggest thing is social media, especially if you are a professional. If your talk provides value, you can also ask someone to share it. 

How TED Helps Your Business (09:16) 

The reason to invest in doing a TED talk is because of the inherent social proof that comes from it. It is like having a book and you want this kind of credibility. 

Applying, Preparing And Executing Your TED Talk (11:22) 

TedX is independently organized which means that every application process is different. If you visit, you can start to explore where the upcoming events are and you'll see they're just all over the place. Most of them are in the US or Europe, and each one of them has a different submission process. You can reach them by email, Linkedin or Facebook. You can send them a quick Linkedin message and ask if they are still accepting applications. 

Do People Repeat TEDx Talks (14:03) 

If you have the ideas, there are people who do several over time. I think this is good if you are someone who comes out with several books with different ideas. 

The Costs And Trade-offs For Being On a Talk (15:26) 

It varies because some talks will provide you with a speaker coach and that's at no cost. You will have a call with your coach so they can make sure all is good and that you are not breaking any rules. If the coach is not provided, I recommend that you find one, especially if it is your first talk. 

Incontrera Services (16:46) 

I start in the beginning and I work on the ideation process.  I'll coach my clients on their idea and their pitch materials. This includes their idea, abstract, biography, even LinkedIn.