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Perry Marshall - The Owner of Perry Marshall Associates

Perry Marshall is the owner of Perry Marshall Associates, which is a Google AdWords focused consultancy that has worked in over 300 industries.


Show Notes

Part 1

Becoming the Most Expensive Business Consultant (01:47) 

Your ability to charge higher rates is directly related to the fact whether you have a unique selling proposition or not. You need every form of credibility that you can get. Also, people don't respect cheap consultants. It's actually in the customer's benefit for you to be expensive. 

Perry’s Background and the Business Association (03:07) 

Google AdWords started in early 2002 and I started using it a month or two later. 

I was obsessed with Google AdWords because I could instantly split test anything that I wanted. 

The Current Status of Search Marketing (07:19)

One of the people that I paid a lot of attention to was Dan Kennedy. He had this whole story about how infomercials had evolved out of the 80s with a change in legislation. Google Ads have become a rather bureaucratic thing with lots of policies. Also, they will say anything to train their staff to give people bad advice. You cannot trust a Google rep. 

They are much more mercenary than they ever used to be. 

Who Should be Using Google Ads (14:34) 

We have got a couple of quizzes on my website. If you click here, you can find that out in less than 60 seconds. 

It will tell you how suitable your business is for Google display network and what's the relative level of competition.

Also, what you can do on these platforms always runs way ahead of what the pack is actually using them for. So if you can get ahead of the learning curve, there are absolutely huge opportunities. There’s a great course called Google Ads Mastery by Mike Rhodes who runs the leading AdWords agency in Australia. 

Hiring an Agency - good or bad idea? (18:44) 

Hiring an agency is fraught with problems too. If you don't know the platform to some degree, you don't have hardly any ability to judge who's telling you the truth and who's not. 

First of all, never hire an agency if they can't show you that they learned how to do it on their own dime and they can prove it to you. You don't understand advertising until you spend your own money. 

A person who spends their own money behaves completely different from a person who spends someone else's money. 

Google Ads vs. Other Marketing Channels (21:59) 

Facebook Ads will do really well for a couple of days and then they will start wearing off because they’ll reach a finite audience. Many times people can only get Facebook Ads to work for a few months.

 Contrary to other marketing channels, Google Ads are longer lasting and they require less maintenance. And social media could be an absolute hamster wheel of nonstop activity.

Part 2

Optimizing Google AdWords Campaign (02:07) 

What you should think about is a term called search continuum. The early search continuing keywords are short phrases that have a lot of volumes. They’re typically less expensive per click.

However, when you go to longer and more specific keywords their volume drops and prices increase. 

Sometimes it takes a while before people figure out that short keywords such as ‘marketing’ are not going to make people buy anything. 

You have to track all this stuff down to the keyword level, track leads, track sales, and really pay attention to what's going on. The first step in any PPC campaign is to get conversion tracking in place. 

At a more advanced level, people will sometimes find that the early terms aren’t converting, but they lead to people converting later. 

The Other Variables (07:04) 

One of the most important strategies is remarketing which is also among the most cost-effective ones. You should do it first, before starting any kind of cold traffic. 

Since you already have some visitors to your website, they are more likely to buy from you than strangers. If you spend money to get them back, you’ll probably get a better ROI than cold traffic. 

Also, that means you can do four times as many tests for the same amount of money. 

Retargeting With Keywords (09:16) 

There are two kinds of retargeting on Google. There’s RLSA which was retargeting listing for search ads where you’re only targeting people who have visited your website. The other type of retargeting is the display network.