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Dave Snyder - CEO of CopyPress

CopyPress is one of the most trusted content marketplaces online

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Dave Snyder is the CEO of CopyPress - one of the most trusted content marketplaces online. Prior to this role, Dave has held operational and leadership roles across various verticals including SEO, search, social and product marketing. 

Show notes

Part 1

Dave’s Background (01:57) 

When I was at college I thought that I was going to be a musician. I have a degree in creative writing with an emphasis on poetry. When I got out of school and realized that I wasn’t going to be a musician, I started working as an English teacher for three years. 

I couldn’t sustain my family as a teacher so I have decided to be a copywriter and I have faked my way into an SEO job. 

Within six months, I have started my own company and I have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world doing consulting.

The Content Landscape Today (05:12) 

Marketers realize that they need to create content that is engaging in storytelling, but also to look at the KPIs and metrics when doing this. 

Conversions and Content (07:19) 

I think the art of the sales letter has largely been lost on the online age.  A lot of product pages nowadays are visually heavy and not as much contextually heavy. Really great product pages are the ones that explain and sell a product. 

The content needs to be scannable and mobile friendly. It needs to have graphics and not be too long. 

Distribution and Syndication (09:23) 

Build a home base where you will distribute content. Have a great Facebook page and brand advocates. If you don’t have them yet, try to find some who will endorse your product. 

Conversion of the Content (14:55) 

Product pages are the shortest form of content. You are gonna need the skill of a copywriter to be able to inform a person on a product and motivate them to buy. 

In an e-commerce space you typically only have about 200-300 words to explain a product. 

ROI of Multiple Different Pages in the Copy Funnel (16:50) 

Storytelling versus KPI driven content are the steps that are missing for most content marketers. A lot of them only think about entertaining and not driving sales. 

When someone lands on your blog, you don’t want to leave it up to chance. You need to figure out the next step. How are you pixeling them or grabbing their email address? 

The Level of Investment and Time to do Content Marketing The Right Way (20:12) 

Your effective spend should be a portion of what a full-time person would be and then give content marketing a chance for 6 months and then have a 12 months plan. Your first 6 months is your iteration time, and then your 12 months are the changes that you want to make from there.

Part 2

Things You Need To Know Before Creating Effective Content Strategy (02:18) 

When people are creating their content strategy, it needs to start with their KPIs. You should start with the question ‘What problem are we trying to solve with this content?’. 

Different Formats of Copy (03:30) 

Infographics are an interesting format to look at. The more we are on our phones, the more we discover that we are visual learners. 

Infographics can drive sales if you’re working in a field where visualizing makes sense and it helps people break down the information. 

You could also take blog posts and informational pieces and turn them into an e-book format. 

One of the biggest issues is that people try to make everything creative and original, without iterating on things to make them better. 

At CopyPress we utilize style guides. 

The Processes For Building a Content Strategy (07:44) 

The first step is realizing what someone’s KPIs are. Everything we propose from there is going to be based on those KPIs. We craft a style guide, letting the writers know what they want. 

The Unit Cost (09:22) 

The unit cost is going to be based on the writer that you’re using. We have a sign at CopyPress offices that says ‘Good creatives aren’t cheap and cheap creatives aren’t good’. 

The units are based on the type of writer and the complexity of what you’re creating. 

Someone who is based in the US can charge 40 cents per word if they are creating a more complex piece of content. 

For the standard copywriting, you are looking around 10 cents per word for a really good copywriter. 

The Services That CopyPress Provides (13:20) 

CopyPress is a content marketplace. We have a software that we pull creatives into and then they are assigned work from us. We do all the strategy pieces up front. When you come to us, we don’t only do writing. We also do editing and Q&A. 

The Keyword Juicer (15:47) 

This is a piece of machine learning that we built to work on a client campaign and then we started going farther with it. They wanted to create a learning center with more than 4,000 pieces of content. The keyword process for that was - we’ll get this list of keywords and start finding the valuable ones. 

This machine learning pulls in all of the keywords that you would want to focus on from data and it gives you all the volumes. Then we pull in all the results from Google for those keywords and we use machine learning to compare them. Then we pull them into buckets based on bucketing levels. 

Last Words (18:49) 

Start with KPIs. If you are a marketer, your job is to make people money.