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About Our guest

Mark Sullivan - Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations at CallRail

CallRail is call tracking for data-driven marketers. Its intuitive and powerful call analytics are trusted by more than 100,000 businesses.

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Mark is an experienced marketing leader, speaker, & writer laser-focused on scaling customer acquisition, retention and monetization by building talented, fulfilling marketing teams. He’s also a contributor to VentureBeat,, American Marketing Association, Street Fight, and Search Engine Journal.

Show notes

What Is CallRail? (02:34) 

We serve over 100,000 businesses, primarily in the US and Canada. We arm them with the data they need to understand what’s making their phone ring. We have built a software that’s really easy to use and it starts at $30 a month. It has a self serve intuitive interface that really takes the complexity out of call attribution and helps people understand what makes their businesses phone ring right down to the keyword level. Also what content people are visiting on their website prior to making that phone call. 

Founding of CallRail (03:35) 

We have two founders, both of them are Georgia Tech graduates. One of the founders - Andy Powell - had an independent auto repair shop directory which he turned into a powerhouse using SEO and paid search methods. He began to sell premium listings to many clients. However, many of them believed that this was not doing anything for them.

Andy had the data and he knew that his clients were getting a lot of traffic. He believed that people were picking the phone and calling directly from his site so he looked into trying to attribute these phone calls and to see if there was a way to create more accountable metrics.

He teamed up with Kevin Mann and they built a tracking application using Twilio as a carrier. At that time he didn’t even know that this was going to be a business. It was something that was going to help his own business. 

Since then, Andy discovered the potential in this and shifted focus on call tracking and analytics. That’s how CallRail became a full-time job. 

The Value of a Phone Call (05:39) 

People want to call. They want to ask questions, especially when it comes to high intent purchasing decisions. The momentum we’re seeing with voice bots and voice interfaces such as Google Home or Alexa means that they are meeting a need that we have to just use our voice to talk. There is a desire to communicate by voice and your business should be equipped to take that as an inbound interaction medium from prospective customers. 

The Types of Businesses That Are Using CallRail (08:59) 

Basically, any business that publishes a phone number on their website, because they are implying that they want to get phone calls. If you want phone calls, CallRail can be helpful. 

In terms of industries, marketing agencies are the most advanced users of CallRail. They are very important vertical for us. 

We also have companies that operate in the healthcare space, automobile space, and even some enterprises. There are several case studies on our website. 

We are really focused on user interface and robust reporting.

The Value CallRail Provides (12:18) 

I usually separate our product into three buckets, three functions. 

One of them is attributing phone calls to the marketing channels - which keywords are driving phone calls, which content is driving phone calls, which social media posts are driving phone calls  etc. 

The second function is routing. We route phone leads to wherever you want. You can decide what exactly happens with that phone call as it comes in. We also provide routing of the data to applications that you want. 

The last one is intelligence which is the most exciting function to me as we have more than 100,000 businesses using the product. We’re sitting on a goldmine of data and we can help people understand what we’re seeing in the data. 

Differentiation From The Competitors (20:58) 

What landed us success and what differentiates us from the competition is a singular focus on the customer experience of using our product and that gets right down into the intuitive UI. Also, our development team has been iterating quickly on customer suggestions. Thanks to that, now we have one of the most full-featured, most powerful applications at a price point that is very affordable. 

Evaluating The Success of CallRail (24:08) 

This depends on the type of businesses that are using CallRail. If I’m a high call volume business, I’m going to use KPIs such as cost score leads. 

The On-boarding Process (27:30) 

We have a 14-day free trial. There are a few different plans you can choose on 

You’ll see pricing options and the demo request page. If you want an overview that is more personalized to your business, then I recommend booking our 20 min demo.