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Show Notes

The show has consistently grown between 22 to 25% month over month for the last three months and we've averaged 20% growth for the year. 

That means that the show has doubled in size for each of the past two quarters.

We have also been very ambitious in trying to launch a bunch of new projects all at once. And honestly, we didn't accomplish all of them this month. 

We wanted to launch a new version of the MarTech podcast website and we just couldn't bust it out this quarter.

As an entrepreneur, all I have to say is that you have to keep moving forward when you have a setback. 

This was a rough month from the growth perspective and I'm a bit disappointed in that. However, when we think about things from the quarterly perspective, it's been an outstanding quarter.

When it comes to Marketing, we plan to spend $20,000 this month. We invested in three marketing channels - the Knit advertising platform, the inside newsletter, a PR agency. 

We invested $6000 in our inside newsletter. It didn’t really perform the way we wanted it to but I can’t blame the channel. 

Another thing we tried, we paid a PR agency to go out and try to attract other podcasters to have me as their guest.

We generated almost exactly 100,000 downloads. Obviously, that's a record for us.

Our cost per download is roughly $2 per download. If we can live at $2 per download, I'm confident that we'll be able to continue to grow this business.

Our goal is to reach $100,000 in sponsorship revenue this year

When it comes to sponsorships spots, we are booked until the beginning of September.

I think that our growth goal to reach 100,000 downloads per month is at risk unless we can cultivate more organic growth and find new channels.

And we're also going to launch a new podcast. We're going to be launching a show that serves people in their early career that are looking for their first job. The show will be called ‘Finding a job’ podcast. It’s going to be launched in August.