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Jeff White - Co-founder and Principal at Kula Partners

Kula Partners is an agency committed to helping leading manufacturers digitally transform marketing and sales to deliver more leads, close more prospects, and grow their competitive edge. A User Experience (UX) and usability expert, Jeff began building sites for the web over 25 years ago.

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Show Notes

Part 1

Jeff’s Background And Kula Partners (02:15)

By trade I am actually a designer. I started when the web was in its infancy. Also, 16 years ago I started my own company and we were an inbound marketing agency. We were one of the early partners of HubSpot.  As we grew we also shifted a bit and began to focus on the manufacturing space.

The Manufacturing Industry And Target Customers (03:21)

We work primarily with mid market manufacturers. So most of our clients tend to be fairly complex organizations with a very long sales cycle.  They have understaffed marketing teams and that’s where we jump in to help them. We focus almost entirely on the B2B space. 

The Hurdles of Manufacturing Industry (07:12)

First of all, most manufacturers are quite familiar with digital transformation as it relates to their shop floor. They're investing heavily in robotics. They're investing heavily in automation. They're investing heavily in simplifying those processes. 

A lot of them are still focused primarily on trade shows as a marketing vehicle. They may have an outdated web presence.

The Marketing Segmentation (10:39)

In the B2B space, sometimes it will take up to five years to close the sales cycle. 

They have to work through that and understand how to nurture those folks down through the funnel over that long period of time.

Sometimes when you're selling into a group of 9 or 10 people, the easiest decision for them to make is to make no decision at all. 

So when you're looking to sell into an organization like that, having content that's available for the different types of people with different sorts of objections will be super beneficial. 

Part 2

The Channel Mix for Manufacturing Companies (02:01) 

The tools are the same but how they get used is a little bit different compared to large SaaS companies for example. 

One of the things that manufacturing marketers and the sales teams within those organizations have is a very well defined understanding of who their customers are and what it is that they're doing. 

We did a lot of paid ads for a large number of customers. 

Most of our customers have some form of trade show presence. We'll help them surround that event with their marketing messaging, both online and offline using some of the publications that may be available in the area.

We'll also do a digital lead capture for them at their booth. 

We also do a lot of lead generation from the manufacturing side.

Knowing Your Customer (06:27) 

We will typically engage our client’s customers through surveys or phone calls to get a sense of what they are looking for. 

Making the Most Out of Trade Shows and Conferences (08:47) 

This is a high-risk channel but yet, it’s still the one that most of them lean on first. 

 We often help our clients in setting up a process and a system for figuring out who did come in from a particular trade show. 

Content Development (11:48) 

A lot of our clients develop content that challenger type content where they are trying to position themselves as having and thinking about a particular achievement they customer have. Usually, this is done via white paper. 

Sales Enablement (13:58) 

We create trackable content for the specific salespeople. 

Some of the organizations that we work with actually create physical samples for the prospects that they're dealing with. 

Then we track how these customers engage with these particular pieces of content.