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About Our guest

Magnus Unemyr - Marketing Automation Specialist

Magnus Unemyr is the creator of the Marketing Automation Made Easy Course and author of Data-Driven marketing with Artificial Intelligence available on Amazon


Magnus Unemyr is a an Internet marketing and marketing automation consultant, an author, and a speaker. Magnus will help improve your marketing performance and generate more leads and customers online using sales funnels, conversion ratio optimization and advanced marketing technology. 

Show notes

Professional Background (02:10) 

I started in the software industry 25 years ago as a software developer. At this time, I was creating software development tools for the microprocessors, semiconductors etc. 

After university, I have realized that working with customers on their products was more interesting and I got into a marketing field. 

Who Can Benefit From The Marketing Automation (05:01) 

Marketing automation is pretty much for everyone who has a website. Marketing automation is about delivering the right content to the right person at the right time. It is about making a passive website into a piece of active marketing machinery. 

The Course (07:06) 

One of the reasons why I have created this course is because many people in the marketing industry don’t understand marketing automation and they don’t know what to do with it. 

This course can provide a big picture of what marketing automation can do for you. It also teaches you strategies on how to use the capabilities of tools.

The course starts by giving an overview of the marketing automation landscape. Then it continues to go into the details of lead generation strategies and more. 

The Outcome For Someone Who’s Taking The Course (13:53) 

People who have no previous background in marketing automation will walk away with a good understanding of what marketing automation is and what it can do. 

Others will get a detailed knowledge of how to implement marketing automation. 

The Pricing of the Course (14:45) 

It is very hard to price an online course. There is also quite a bit of a difference between just sharing information and providing education. There are many online courses that cost up to $3,000 but personally, I find that is too much. 

I want to be able to put marketing automation in the hands of small businesses too, so I have priced the course $995. 

The Offer For The MarTech Listeners (17:10) 

The listeners of the podcast can get a 25% discount. If you use the code MarTech you can enroll in the course. 

The Last Words About Marketing Automation (18:08) 

Even a very cheap marketing automation tool can significantly improve your situation and help you harvest more leads. The website owners should really consider marketing automation and there are fairly cost-effective solutions even for small companies.