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Show Notes

Benjamin: As a community, you've downloaded this podcast over 120,000 times, which means that in our first year we averaged over 10,000 downloads per month. On a personal note, shifting my career from being a marketing operator and a consultant to primarily being a podcast producer and host has been super rewarding and gratifying. I've learned more about marketing this year than at any other time in my career.

Benjamin: Non-quantifiable goals for this year are to understand who our listeners are, mitigate our risk by developing new marketing channels, adding utility to our listeners through multiple different formats of content and evaluating the opportunity to expand the Martec podcast into a podcast network. In terms of our quantifiable goals, we want to reach 100,000 downloads per month before the end of the year. We want to create a new podcast and potentially even revive an old one that I've worked on in the past.

Benjamin: In terms of our marketing efforts, we invested in three marketing channels this month. Knit, which is a podcast advertising platform, the inside newsletter, and Taboola - a native advertising platform. The last channel that we tested was an APP store optimization agency and that didn't work out so well.

Benjamin: Our goal for the year is to generate $100,000 of revenue. So we're very much on pace to reach our goals.