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Veronica Buitron - Co-Founder & CTO of Tango Code


Veronica founded Tango Code to leverage industry expertise to guide companies through the process of aligning their technology strategy with their business objectives. Tango Code is an innovative woman-owned web and mobile app powerhouse, based in Chicago,IL. .

Show notes

Getting into MarTech (02:54)

I have been in technology for over 20 years and I walked through many different industries - retail, health, etc.

Before getting into marketing, I only had a general understanding of it. I found it very creative. Also, what surprised me a lot is how much technology you used in marketing. The marketing industry is becoming increasingly more technology-centric, but I don't think that that's a secret.

Today, a marketing person needs to know a little bit too much about technology. They need to know about scripts and codes they put on the site. I wanted to help close that gap.

Starting a Company (10:43)

In 2004, I started my own company which helped other companies buy software solutions from Uruguay, where I am originally from.

It was a case tool that actually generates code faster in order to be able to build software solutions.

I always wanted to be sure that I can get to a point where I can start using things as quickly as possible, which is why I was using this generator.

The Main Pain Points of Marketers (14:22)

I would say the lack of integration, spending too much time in bridging the need to move information from one place to the other, rather than being able to be learning about the data.

As a marketer, you need to be able to understand creative data technology.

The Role of Gender on Career (19:51)

I often get asked how do I do it all - being a woman, a Hispanic, a woman in tech. The answer is - I don't.

I can't do it all 100%. I do a little bit of all and I have to be comfortable with not being 100% in everything.

I always rejected the idea of having to choose between one - family or career. We need to live with the perfection of the imperfection.

The Mentorship (27:35)

Actually, I did not have a woman as a role model. In my first job, the president of the company was my mentor. My dad also had been another great mentor.

Advice For Young Female Marketers (30:20)

It is very important to trust yourself. Don’t limit yourself.

Say yes and then you will find out.

Find your seat at the table and fight for that seat at the table cause you can do it.