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Growing Our Podcast (01:41) 

We’re trying to add value in multiple formats of content and we are going to evaluate opportunities to build a podcast network, expanding beyond just the MarTech podcast. 

Quantifiable Goals (01:56) 

We’re trying to reach 100,000 downloads a month for the MarTech podcast this year and we're hoping that we can turn that into a $100,000 of sponsorship revenues. 

We want to reach 100 different guests and 100 new networking conversations. 

Outside of the MarTech podcast, we’re going to try to scale one new podcast and revive one of the older podcasts projects that I've been working on. 

Marketing Efforts (02:49) 

If we want to reach 100,000 downloads at the current cost per download, which is 85 cents, we’re going to need to invest about $77,000 out of $100,000 that we’re hoping to make on marketing. 

What We’ve Done In January (03:38) 

In terms of content production - we published a lot of content. We have launched CMO Week, where I interviewed five CMOs from publicly traded companies. We've raised the bar in terms of the profile of some of the guests. 

Marketing Channels (04:41) 

I invested about $4,500 into two marketing channels this month. The first one is an app store optimization service that I paid $3,000 to ensure that our show is going to rank in the top 75 for business podcasts in the Apple iTunes store. 

The second channel is our tried and true podcast advertising, which we run through the Knit Dynamic Insertion Platform. 

January Performance (05:45) 

We’ve seen little over 16,000 downloads this month.