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Cindy Brown - Chief Revenue Officer at ViralGains

ViralGains is a video ad journey platform that enables marketers to engage people with relevant brand stories in the contexts that people most favor. Cindy’s expertise is in scaling hyper-growth and matrixed organizations, with a strong balance between strategic planning and tactical execution. Listen

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Show Notes

Part 1

Cindy’s Background and Viral Gains (01:56) 

I have always been in this industry. I originally started in sales, so I have a long career in sales where I sold hardware. This helped me understand customer challenges, customer problems, initiatives, and always having an ear on how to solve their problems.

Getting Into Video Advertising Space (03:46) 

First I started with an ad network and understanding the technology. I started out with a company called Verse Media which was one of the very first ad networks. 

After that, I moved to Yahoo, where I got the opportunity to see all the different mediums - social, mobile, video. I used to be there during the user-generated content peak. 

The Video Advertising Landscape (05:35) 

I've fallen in love with video because it's sight, sound, and motion. It is something you will pay attention to. There is an emotional connection with video for most people. 

I think marketers are really starting to understand how they can fully leverage video to connect with consumers and make that connection.

Viral Gains builds that connection between consumers and brands in the video. 

The Production Costs (07:09) 

The production costs keep coming down as there are many production houses. We partner with many of them. You can get multiple uses out of one production session and have your video cut into smaller units - 6 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, etc. 

Since you are investing the cost into that medium, you really want to get the most out of it and that is what we offer. 

The Funnel of Creating Video (09:01) 

We have customers that are having a lot of success driving awareness, getting their message out and understanding a customer's sentiment.

Typically, we first run the video, post it and we show them this customizable engagement experience. The user would get real-time feedback after consuming a piece of content. 

We can actually capture their email address immediately after the experience. However, we do not collect any of the PII. It’s directly connected to your website in real-time. 

What you can actually do is - you can put your website out into the digital marketplace along with your video and start capturing information in real-time. We have done that with many customers. 

Another way might be to get them more engaged with your content. We have a video explorer unit that recommends users other videos they could watch after seeing the first one. 

We don't charge our customers for that second experience because we consider it part of what we do. 

We've seen a 45% lift in retargeting response when you do the retargeting with a previously qualified audience. 

Including video in the portfolio of all strategies that you are going to launch is a wise idea. 

The Engagement Side of Video Advertising (19:07) 

If you don’t want to collect information, the only thing you can do with a video is drive awareness. Otherwise, driving real conversion metrics from the video, unless there's some sort of interaction, is super difficult. 

Quick Tips for People Who are Using Video Advertising (20:36) 

We see success with 15 and 32nd videos. People are scrolling through content so quickly and marketers need to be able to convince people in less than six seconds. 

However, if you want someone to truly engage with your brand, we recommend at least 15 to 30 seconds. It drives a better engagement experience. 

Part 2

Advice for MarTech’s Video Strategy (03:21) 

You can certainly distribute your pieces of content and we can help you do that. If you’d like ‘subscribe now’ as a call to action, we can then capture these individuals that do subscribe and keep those in a first party data tool. 

We're using this always-on approach to identify people that have signed up.

Best Practices for Length and Duration (05:41) 

The best practice is A/B testing and that’s something we do as well. There are many things that can be tested and we help our clients with all of that. 

We have many customers like yourself that have video content and they're not sure which piece is the most valuable or they're not sure which piece of video content will drive the results that they're looking for.

Best Practices for Attracting People’s Attention in the First Six Seconds (06:57) 

You need to have some content upfront that catches the eye. 

It is also pretty much custom to every brand, which is why we tend to do specific tests for brands and strategies they are going after. 

The Campaign Management (07:34) 

We need at least a couple of thousands of dollars to get us started because part of our technology is identifying people that are interested. 

We're really all about identifying and connecting with your consumers and in order to do that, we really need to invest.

The call to action after the video really needs to align with what you're trying to accomplish. 

If you're launching a new product, what we like to do is have a pre-launch phase where the call to action is ‘are you interested’? 

Viral Gains (12:23) 

We are having a lot of success with many of the different industries out there, especially finance and Pharma. 

Pharma is an interesting one because it's difficult to understand their target customer.