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Brooke Sellas - Founder & CEO at B Squared Media

B Squared is a boutique agency specializing in social media marketing and digital advertising


Brooke Sellas is Founder & CEO at B Squared Media, a digital marketing agency specializing in “done-for-you” social media marketing and advertising management.  Prior to her current role, Brooke worked as an Adjunct Lecturer at Baruch College.

Show Notes

Part 1

Brooke’s Background and BSquared Media (01:56)

Our company is about to turn seven in May, so we are officially out of our startup phase. I still love to call us a startup though. It's myself and about 15 other remote workers. Together we service more than 40 clients with organic traffic and digital advertising.

Our clients range anywhere from small companies to medium and even enterprise size brands.

Our KPIs are based on what the client needs.

The Organic Social and Why Companies Should Consistently Post on Social Media (03:10)

Using organic social is a good way to make your brand seem more human. We have heard it a million times, people don't love brands, they love people.

When people say that organic is dead they are excluding the middle of the funnel which is building lasting relationships with your customers.

Driving People Into Your Pages (04:53)

We try to keep the people on the Facebook page because this is what their algorithm prefers. Share behind the scenes content because people love that. This content always outperforms other posts without even investing any money. Usually, the regular posts only get about 2 percent of engagement, while with the behind the scenes posts we have seen the engagement jump to 10 percent. This could be a picture of employees or an event.

Also, asking questions is a great way to get feedback.

Does Brand Personification Strategy Works on Other Platforms (07:46)

Instagram is great for brand personification because of its a visual channel. Linkedin is also doing a better job at becoming a more visual platform.

Facebook, on the other hand, has nearly 2 billion people on its platform so its bit stagnating but that's normal. Twitter is not a visual platform and that is why I think that it's not such a popular platform for growth.

Today there is so much data and intelligence tools that we forget about the human aspect.

The most humane company wins.

Posting on Different Platforms (14:21)

There are no best practices when it comes to this. I could say that Tuesdays at 2 PM are the best time to post, but this will depend on your industry.

Best practices change all the time but we try to post regularly. On Facebook, we definitely try to post every day and we let engagement numbers tell us when to pull back or when to post more.

Other Tricks and Tips For Driving Engagement (16:02)

Start with discovering what are the people’s pain points. You can do that by checking a FAQ page on your website or checking in with your sales or product departments.

Repurposing Content (17:49)

We do use the same content for different channels but we write for the channel itself.

Facebook is the channel where you can capture everyone, but really the younger generations are not flocking to Facebook as their default social media channel.

Follow the guidelines and if a particular channel doesn't fit in with the brand, then we don't worry about it. We're not trying to be everywhere and trying to be everything to everyone.

You really need to understand who your customers are and what's going to be a fit for them and meet them in the right place where they're looking for your content.

Part 2

Handling Inbound Requests (02:22)

We’re doing social listening. We combine AI, chatbots, machine learning tools, etc., that help us do something at scale. For Bsquared Media, that means that first, we have to decipher that data and to break it into usable information for the client. That usable information will then become an action item of some sort.

Social Listening and Collecting Data (04:31)

We use SproutSocial which is our social media dashboard tool which has an advanced listening tool inside that dashboard. Listeners are essentially anything that we want them to be. For example, you can put the name of your company and follow everything that’s being said about it.

There is a sentiment analysis which essentially allows us to understand how the brand is being mentioned.

How To Resolve Negative Feedback (10:57)

We always apologize even if there isn't something that perhaps they've done wrong. The clients who become our best partners are the ones who understand that in a crisis situation, all people are looking for us to be heard.

With SproutSocial we are able to forward the message on to the appropriate customer service channels and email. This is assigned to a specific person who will then reach out via call or email to resolve the issue one on one.