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Daniel Hutt - Founder of Inbound Ascension & Amp My Content

Daniel Hutt is Founder of Amp My Content and Inbound Ascension, two marketing agencies that specialize in traffic generation and retargeting. Inbound Ascension specializes in Retargeting Training, Conversion Funnels, and making the most of the traffic you have.


Show Notes

Part 1

Daniel’s Background and Work Experience (02:09) 

We had a clothing company that didn’t do very well so we ended up selling it. That experience made us learn about marketing online and that's how we got into the retargeting business. 

I wrote a couple of case studies about retargeting and they ended up being among the top 10 articles of all time on 

Although I am a paid ads specialist, I am also good at writing content. 

We have two websites. One is all about retargeting and making more sales from the traffic you have. 

The other one is Amp My Content which teaches content marketing - how to drive more content while writing less. 

Traffic Generation (03:22) 

 You need to promote your content. It has a much faster ROI than just writing new stuff. If you create less, you can make it more effective. But you’ll need a very good content before you start promoting it. 

We use the whole heap of channels. Paid ads, we work with influencers, we spend time on forums, etc. 

You have to supplement different promotion and traffic channels because they are all different. 

We typically start paid ads from the first day the post was published as we want to figure out what the conversion rate is going to be. 

The content needs to be of high value, it needs to be entertaining or educational. We also have a hyper-specific next step offer, which is basically a lead magnet offer that is unique to every piece of content. 

I use a lot of direct response copywriting principles for our sales pages. My content is almost like a sales page and it's designed to pull people through. 

After-Production Steps (12:58) 

I go through three phases of promotion. First, we are trying to get influencers to pick it up. I want to try and get a burst of traffic on it straight away because that will pay for all the time and effort it took to make the post.

I also have a prelaunch-launch-post launch process. We will also start the link building process. 

Part 2

Building a Retargeting Audience (02:37) 

The reason we have the other blog and why we use content is because there are so many different benefits to it. Traffic to content is just one of them. 

If Google died tomorrow, I wouldn’t really care because I have these assets that can convert people. 

With retargeting it’s all about reframing objections. 

I use retargeting before I make an offer to make sure that people keep consuming a series of content to get to my offer and be the ideal customer. The thing is that a lot of people don’t do this because they only ever spend that money at the offer stage. 

I’ll also retarget people who read an article and didn’t opt in because I can segment based off of people who've opted in and those who haven't. When we do this kind of retargeting we get about 50 percent to opt-in rate. 

Figuring Out the Messaging for Retargeting (06:03) 

Research is vital at all times. If we know the problems that people are having before they become a customer, we can help overcome those to get them ready to be a customer.

Where people make a mistake is that they make an offer before that person really wants what they have to sell. People focus on writing too many posts instead of being smart and figuring how the system works and how to leverage it in the best possible way. 

If some people are skeptics you can retarget them with FAQ questions and show people who are using your product.