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David Schroeder - Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist at CallRail

David Schroeder is a conversion rate optimization specialist at CallRail, which is the leading attribution platform to capture the journey from visitors to leads to customers.

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Show Notes

Marketing Attribution (02:21) 

Marketing attribution was really transformed over the last two decades. As we use more and more tools, attribution becomes a complex art and science. 

That is what drives us to try to develop tools to empower marketers and give them the data that they need to make smarter decisions every day. 

Dynamic Shift To a More Balanced Marketing Mix (04:16) 

I think we hear the mantra over and over that we are in the era of consumer choice. 

The brands and companies need to be ready to engage with consumers in the way that they would like to engage with you. That’s why in the last couple of years we have seen the rise in the number of various chat tools. 

At the end of the day, marketers need to communicate with people. I think that is what has driven a lot of the growth in the call tracking market.

Marketers used to quickly discount certain offline channels because they couldn’t get the attribution right. Call tracking allows us to solve that attribution problem. 

How CallRail Helps Marketers With Marketing Attribution (06:45) 

Essentially call tracking will allow you to put a unique phone number, either a local number, an 800 number or something very unique and attach that number to a specific ad, whether it’s offline or online. 

We dynamically insert those numbers into your website, Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

This allows you to get all the way down to session level data on exactly what generated that phone call coming into your business. 

Once you have that kind of data you can understand better where you can cut or increase your budget. 

Call tracking is really about optimizing your advertising. 

You can even see the keywords that are driving phone calls and then you can optimize your organic content strategy. 

We also provide you with conversational intelligence because the calls are recorded and then you can get an insight into how your sales team handles those calls. 

CallRail’s New Product Extension (12:13) 

Starting last month we rolled out a new product expansion, which is form tracking. 

So now you can track all of your leads from phone calls or form submissions in one place. 

It brings all of the data together into one place and it empowers you to see what is the overall customer journey from touchpoint to conversion. 

What CallRail Does Differently (13:24) 

I would like to point three things specifically. Number one, it's gonna make your life easier. We are bringing in your lead capture from all of your different advertising networks and different advertising channels intoone place. 

The second thing - it’s going to give you an unbiased view of that journey. 

It is opening up a world of multitouch attribution to a huge category of marketers that have never had that ability in the past.

Who Gets the Most Value Out of the Tool (16:28) 

I think it’s important to state that a CallRail is a tool that has a price point that starts at $30 a month, so it's really accessible for everyone.

If you are a business with a phone or a website and you capture leads through either one of those, then CallRail is right for you, but it's also a tool that is right for marketers of any size or scale.