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Adam Sinnett - Director of Demand Generation at Amperity

Adam is an experienced Director of Demand Gen with a history of building pipeline, campaigns, and teams for hyper-growth start-ups. At Amperity, Adam helps enable the world’s most loved brands use data to create meaningful customer experiences from better customer data. 


Show Notes

Getting Into Marketing - (02:27)

I actually studied Marketing at Washington State University and I start working in the field immediately after graduating. My first job was in a startup in the HR category. Ever since then, I’ve worked in various startups. 

Moving Away From The Sales And Getting Into Marketing - (06:16)

When you work in sales you always wonder what the marketing team is doing. There is an element of mystery. On the other hand, marketers wonder about the challenges that sales team faces. 

For me, being able to play both teams was the perfect lesson in sales and marketing alignment. 

Responsibilities at Talent Wise - (12:11)

One of the primary focuses was learning and implementing marketing automation for the first time. We ended up going with Marketo and bringing that in. That was something that my VP of Marketing at the time had not done yet. 

Time at Extra Hop - (16:08)

My biggest focus at Extra Hop was trying new things. We invested in our marketing team, we had a bigger vision on events and campaign. This also lead to a fast-growing sales team.

Azuqua - (23:59)

The Azuqua team had a lot of demand generation already running and this was an opportunity to bring everything together into a cohesive plan and strategy. It was outlined on a monthly basis in the campaign calendar. 

Amperity - (31:51)

One of the main reasons I’ve decided to go to Amperity was the marketing opportunity that lies ahead. That’s what got me very excited. 

From the moment I was interviewed, I spotted great energy among team members.