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James Sandoval - Founder and CEO at MeasureMatch

MeasureMatch is an end-to-end platform that provides business leaders globally with direct, seamless, and flexible access to a highly-skilled, liquid, and verified workforce of independent business applications engineers and related data management and data science professionals.


Show Notes

Part 1

James’ Background - (02:24) 

My background is in digital marketing services.  I worked in digital media planning and buying agencies for 10 years and for the 10 years that followed, I went down an entrepreneurial path.

That's where things came together for me to build out what is now the Measure Match on demand professional services marketplace.

When I was the managing director for a Chicago based technology company called Signal, I got to see how clients and organizations are really struggling to figure out how to deploy marketing technology systems to collect data. 

And today, there is a significant trend for organizations to adopt a contingent workforce through different platforms. 

Platforms like Measure Match can help you find those extra pair of hands. We have nearly 3000 independent consultants and consultancies on the supply side. 

The Benefits and Risks of Hiring Freelancers - (05:46) 

What we're seeing is that clients are turning to Measure Match to solve very specific needs and we're able to help solve that really quickly. We're extraordinarily careful about the way that we onboard consultants and consultancies on the supply side of our platform.

We'll do a little bit of a vetting process and then we'll select those that look most relevant for us to have a conversation with. 

We'll interview them first and then we'll onboard.  

Why Hire a Freelancer Instead of an In-house Employee - (08:39) 

It can take months to find a good full-time employee and organizations will absolutely continue to have an FTE human capital management strategy. However, I think that more and more organizations will have a balance between fixed talent in the organization and variable talent. 

The only choice they have is to let the problem lie for several months until they find a full-time employee or act now. 

Part 2

Outsourcing the Collection of Data - (01:39) 

We are seeing a great need for Adobe Analytics, Implementations, Tableau requirements, Google Analytics, and Google Tag manager, etc. 

A lot of the consultants that come onto the platform have those skill sets. 

Many of our clients already have the in-house skills to do this kind of work, but often they don’t have the extra time to do the extra work that needs to be done. 

We educate all of our clients who come onto the platform to seriously consider bringing on board an independent consultant who might work remotely. The vast majority of them are okay with this. 

The Business Model of Measure Match - (09:51) 

We're attracting the demand, so it's really just for the consultants and consultancies that participate on the supply side of our platform to pick and choose what they think are going to be winners. We keep a percentage of the contract value and that percentage is 15% so it's transparent on both sides.

Where To Hire Freelancers - (12:21) 

A great place to start is the Measure Match platform. We're working really hard to make that a very special and productive experience. You will see the exact deliverables that you can expect.