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Brian Kurtz - Founder and CEO of Titans Marketing

Titans Marketing is a consultancy focused on list building and making the connection between out-of-home and digital marketing. Brian started in the list business which gave him a solid foundation in learning about audiences, demographics and database marketing; selling millions of newsletter subscriptions and consumer books put all of that list training to good use.


Show Notes

Part 1

  • 02:01 - Brian’s 40-year career in 2 minutes

  • 02:43 - Brian’s company Titans Marketing

  • 03:23 - The Purpose of Building a Marketing List

  • 06:33 - Collecting people’s information before sending them a product

  • 08:03 - What’s happening today in the digital world?

  • 11:55 - An important thing that’s missing in today’s digital marketing

  • 12:52 - The idea of offline to online to offline again

  • 14:27 - Physically building the list or acquiring one

  • 17:13 - List selection and segmentation

  • 18:56 - Places to find the right affiliates


  • "For the next 34 years, I’m committed to teach everything I did and to keep learning about digital marketing.” - Brian

  • “We didn’t have digital marketing in 1980s so the best way to build a list was through aggressive promotion. You were able to screen people based on what their credit score is.” - Brian

  • “There were a lot of response lists out there that you could rent for one-time use.” - Brian

  • “In today’s digital world, the key thing is to develop an email list and one of the best ways to do it is through a webinar or a launch.” - Brian

  • “The tricky part online is that products are typically digital and you can’t send them upfront and expect someone will pay for them. You’ve got to give them enough content before they say ‘I really want this product’.” - Brian

  • “Find out what part of your list prefers digital and what part prefers physical and if possible do both of them.” - Brian

  • “Direct mail doesn’t have the growth it used to have but it certainly has a place in the marketing environment.”

  • “With direct mail, you could rent lists that are going to be the most applicable to your product.” - Brian

  • “The most cost-effective way to build a list online is through affiliates or through a launch.” - Brian

  • “The most popular list brokerage companies include American List Council and Info USA.” - Brian

  • “The best way to find an affiliate is one by one.” - Brian

Part 2

Show Notes:

  • 02:26 - The best way to make value out of the list you have

  • 03:50 - The key thing in using your list

  • 05:49 - Figuring out the right blend between list, creative, and the offer

  • 07:24 - Other ways to get value out of your marketing list

  • 09:00 - Effective marketing vehicles

  • 13:31 - Last words on deriving value out of your marketing lists


  • “Any direct marketing campaign depends 40 percent on the list, 40 percent on the offer, and 20 percent on the messaging.” - Brian

  • “Even if you hire the best copywriter ever and you mail the offer to a list that had no interest in your product, you are going to get zero response.” - Brian

  • “The creative is the least important element of your promotion until it’s not.” - Brian

  • “The key to using a list comes down to RFM - recency, frequency, and monetary value.” - Brian

  • “No direct marketing business ever succeeded without repeat business.” - Brian

  • “The most dangerous number in business is 1 - 1 product, 1 medium, one employee.” - Brian

  • “Email is still the killer app in marketing.” - Brian

  • “You want to be able to test different mediums so if one dries up, you have others that can diversify.” - Brian

  • “It’s important to remember that your list is probably your most important asset.” - Brian

  • “Look at your list like your family. Don’t do to them what you wouldn’t do to yourself. And in this case, this means don’t try to sell them almost everything.” - Brian


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