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Garrett Sussman - Senior Content Manager at

Garrett Sussman is a Senior Content Manager at Grade.Us, which is a property owned by our friends at ASG MarTech - a sponsor of the MarTech podcast.

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Show Notes

  • 02:50 - What Is 

  • 04:25 - Why reviews matter

  • 06:42 - How people are using reviews 

  • 09:04 - Marketing channels that are being influenced by the reviews 

  • 10:49 - B2B use cases for reviews 

  • 11:57 - The dynamics of cultivating reviews

  • 13:23 - How to keep track of who is actually reviewing 

  • 16:03 - How to make the most impact out of reviews 

  • 19:40 - Why is different than other platforms 

  • 20:49 - The ROI of reviews

  • 25:15 - Last words on how to get started


  • focus on whole reputation management channel.” - Garrett 

  • “Historically, reputation management was this reactive process of getting rid of any negative mentions online.” - Garrett 

  • “Online reviews are a big part of the customer’s journey.” - Garrett 

  • “Every industry is being impacted by reviews.” - Garrett 

  • “Positive reviews can be used all over social media, on your website, and even in your advertising campaigns.” - Garrett

  • “The most effective way to get reviews is going to be that face to face personal ask.” - Garrett

  • offers review monitoring.” - Garrett

  • “We have a plugin that you can put on your website which allows you to stream positive reviews.” - Garrett

  • “Most people will write a review if you ask them.” - Garrett 

  • “We have a 14-day free trial where you can start sending out these email drip campaigns and upload a list of your customer's emails to start getting those reviews. Just go to” - Garrett 


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