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Dave Hanley - Founder and CEO of Tomorrow

Dave Hanley is the Founder and CEO at Tomorrow, which is an app that helps you organize your family's finances to make decisions for the future. Tomorrow enables everyone in America to start a trust fund with a free will and free trust, then back up that trust fund with just the right amount of insurance.


Show Notes

Getting Into Marketing (03:47) 

My career started in Microcredit Banking where I founded and ran the largest conference on microcredit banking and also the first academic journal on the subject. 

That was the first opportunity where I learned how to build an audience. 

After that, I became a product manager, but I have quickly learned that I wanted to be super close to the audience and help people discover and find these great products that I was working on.

I also worked at Shelfari which was an online book club. We managed to grow from 42 to 2 million users. Later, we sold the company to Amazon. 

Strategies That We Implemented at Shelfari (06:46) 

A lot of it came down to psychology. We want them to feel esteemed for the hours and effort that they put in cultivating their reading, and then also we want them to feel like they can both show off and express themselves through the product. Also, what readers are gonna read next. 

I met a lot of great teams in Amazon but at that time marketing wasn’t really a valued function in the company so I decided to leave and work on something else. 

Doing Consulting (12:44) 

Our consulting moved through really rapid evolution and at first, we were focused on social media. 

We signed up Fox as a client for their TV shows. We worked with Gates Foundation, Intel, Microsoft. We just started early and took some risks and then ended up with a client list that just couldn't be matched. 

The Experience at Deloitte (16:32) 

First of all, the Deloitte folks were great. They worked very hard on the acquisition. I think they spent as much time and money integrating the acquisition as they did on the acquisition itself. 

They also wanted us to become deeply integrated into what they were doing. They saw our work in social media as tip of the sphere for everything that they wanted to do around consulting. 

The work was also super interesting - we managed to work on video games but also on things such as predicting demands for chemicals. 

The Phase in the Career Between Working at Deloitte To Tomorrow (19:21) 

At that point, I was in my thirties and I had two exits. I took a step back and asked myself what I really want to do now. I took Julia Cameron’s 12 weeks, self-directed course in creativity. I’m a fan of journaling and I love writing down my thoughts on a piece of paper. 

Through this process, I discovered I love a portfolio approach to life. I love advising social entrepreneurs.

Tomorrow (21:34) 

Tomorrow is a collaborative platform where families come together and make important decisions together. Most of our users come in for our free legal will. 

Turns out 80% of young families don't have a will. 

We're a broker and life insurance and that's how we get paid. 

I really wanted to create a company that was going to have a positive impact on the world. 

Advice For Other Marketers (25:28) 

Find ways where you can take skills, leverage your experiences and use that to actually accomplish some goal.