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Garrett Mehrguth - CEO of Directive Consulting

Garrett Mehrguth is the CEO of Directive Consulting, which is a B2B and enterprise search marketing agency.


Show Notes

Getting Into Marketing (02:54) 

I started trying to be entrepreneurial with no real skills. I don't necessarily recommend it. I learned pretty quickly that you can't just say you're a consultant. You should probably be a consultant at something that you are uniquely better than the rest of the market at.

When I first started, I wanted to be a management consultant. 

Azusa Pacific University (03:57) 

This is a Christian university which is the biggest one on the West Coast. One of the reasons that I picked it was because they had a really great soccer team and they had won the national championship at last couple of years. 

I didn’t really care about the school part that much and I thought that every degree is the same but that wasn’t the case. 

I never took a marketing class while I was there. 

The Ability to Multitask (06:45) 

I create little systems and models and everything I do is based on not getting myself overwhelmed. 

The second I'm overwhelmed, I don't think rationally and I'm not effective at anything I'm doing. 

I put first and foremost what I need to be effective and never, ever sacrifice that.

The Early Career (08:34) 

I chose the career path where I didn't perceive age being an issue to my earning potential. So I decided to get really good at it and I just read everything that had been published on the subject and that's it.

I had a motto - learn, engage, create. 

I first started with $8 per hour doing janitorial and event work. At one point I was even making pizzas. 

I offered social media management on Fiverr. I figured out how to rank on the home page. I figured out how to make a video that was engaging. I managed to make over a thousand dollars per month for less than an hour a day. 

From Fiverr to Running Directive Consulting (12:05) 

I started with printing out a bunch of flyers that essentially said ‘I'll help you with your marketing’. My first customer was a Mediterranean food place. 

At first, I knew I couldn't do it myself and I had no intention of being small. From the moment I started, I wanted to be the best and the biggest. I brought one of my friends on. 

The little 15-30 minutes of compounded learning can make you an expert in any field in the world. Yet, many people prefer to watch TV every night.

We also learned that if you can turn every client into a case study and treat them with honor and respect, you can be really, really successful. 

Later on, we managed to get an Allstate account and we ended up being on an industry-vetted SEO list. 

Our agency will probably do 7-10 million in recurring revenue this year.