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Darcy Kurtz - VP of Global Marketing at MailChimp

Darcy Kurtz is the VP of Global Marketing at MailChimp, which is a marketing automation platform and an email marketing service that helps millions of customers find their audience, engage their customers, and build their brand.


Show Notes

Darcy’s Background (02:07) 

I did a Marketing degree and my first job was in Sales in the early 90s. This job in Sales was a good foundation for everything else because I learned many things like how do you position yourself, how do you understand customer needs, how to close deals, etc. 

Dell Experience (04:00) 

When I started at Dell we weren’t really that big. We were a small startup and it was fun to watch us grow over time. 

I primarily stayed on the small business side of the house which included PCs, servers, storage and things like that. 

Transition From Sales Into Marketing (04:56) 

At Dell, the transition was fairly easy because they were well integrated. 

As I was doing sales training, I was engaging with the marketing team many times a day.

From there I transitioned into a role doing merchandising where I owned a particular product line. 

The General Management Experience (07:20) 

I am very grateful to Dell for what they did for me and for letting me rotate through all the different sections of the company. 

Dell produced an amazing group of people who were prepared to go and take much bigger roles. 

If you want to become a CMO at one point in your career, you should try to get as many experiences as possible early on. 

Working At a Fast Growing Company (09:50) 

The experience was exhilarating. When you are in a startup environment with hyper-growth mode, you are learning at an extremely fast pace. 

Being an Executive in a Small Company (12:32) 

When you are in marketing you need to decide whether you to be a business side marketer or a creative side marketer. Personally, I am a business marketer. I see marketing as a way to achieve business goals. 

In a startup, the business model always evolves over time. All this was an incredible learning experience for me. 

The Experience at Sage Global (24:28) 

I wanted to get back into a world where I was serving small businesses cause it is such a rewarding market. 

The Experience at MailChimp (25:16) 

Small business power the world economy yet, they are the most underserved market out there. 

That’s the reason why I really love MailChimp. The company’s mission is to empower the underdog. 

For me, it's a personal passion point around helping these small businesses. 

What I really enjoy about product marketing specifically is that I am kind of a technology geek. I enjoy being able to get close to the products. 

Advice For Younger Women Marketers (35:19) 

Be comfortable in your own skin. Learn to be yourself while still advocating for yourself.