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Jeremy Krantz - Director of Marketing at Fintrx

Jeremy Krantz is the Director of Fintrx, which is the leading family office, data research, and intelligence platform to the alternative investment industry and the private capital markets.

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Show Notes

Part 1

Jeremy’s Background (02:15)

I was actually born and raised in Paris, France. Moved to the US for college where I got a degree in Marketing and Management. I've had a pretty interesting mix. All kinds of verticals and agencies. Anything from Higher Education to Greek yogurt and now financial tech. 

Alternative Investments (04:53)

Alternative investments include private equity, hedge funds, managed futures, real estate and commodities. It's nothing like public markets. It's kind of a separate entity entirely. Within that you also have impact investing which is taking off quite a bit. 

The Marketing Strategies And Customers (05:41)

Our audience includes anybody looking to raise capital for their hedge funds and projects. Our ideal target customers are managers and tech founders. 

There's very little coverage right now online, so it's really about finding that sweet spot. Taking a ‘less is more’ approach, meaning focusing on quality versus quantity. 

Family Office (07:13)

A Family Office is in organization. Its sole purpose is to manage individuals’ net worth and anything related to legal matters, hiring, etc. You typically need to have a net worth of $400 million or more. 

Those family offices can be single family offices, so dedicated to one family or it can be a multifamily office. A lot of these family offices like to keep things pretty private to protect their client's privacy. But that's also changing.

Finding People That Are Searching For Capital (10:05)

We've been starting to leverage things like Quora, Linkedin ads and we're also looking at other things as well within the B2B space. We’re looking to target different individuals that match job titles, companies or groups.  

Part 2

Collecting Data (03:14)

 We collect data with tools such as SEM Rush, Moz, Ahrefs. We check what the landscape is like, what the competitors are doing and what they’re not doing. Basically, we check for things outside the usual news coverage. 

Managing Multi Channel Attribution (09:46)

 While we use Hubspot on a regular basis it can have its limitations. We have good integration with Linkedin and Google Ads. But for example, that’s not the case with Quora or Microsoft Advertising. You need to use UTM strings in order to pick up on different sources and channels.