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Mike Bartels - Director of Marketing Research and User Experience at Tobii Pro

Tobii Pro helps businesses and science professionals gain real insights into human behavior with world-leading eye tracking solutions and services. Mike’s team conducts world-class attention research studies that provide actionable insights that allow clients to literally see the world through the eyes of their customers.

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Show Notes

Part 1

The Eye Tracking And Tobii Pro - (2:51)

When computers came around, eye tracking became easier. We're able to accurately record where exactly people look in a real context and apply that to a number of different research topics. 

Tobii Pro has been around for about 20 years now. 

We have systems, software, and services that allow companies, universities and other research organizations to precisely study what captures people's attention, what do they visually engage in, what kind of things they miss and overlook. 

The Eye Tracking Industry And Tobii - (5:00)

Tobii is comprised of three different business units that utilize eye tracking in different ways. Tobii Dynavox uses eye tracking as an assistive technology for people with disabilities. Tobii Tech is the division of Tobii that works on integrating eye tracking into consumer devices, computers, smartphones, virtual reality cars, etc. 

Using Eye Tracking Technology - (8:41)

Having a technology that can record whether or not an ad is seen and how to get an ad in front of more eyeballs is very powerful for businesses. So advertising is one area where eye tracking is incorporated. Another is shopper research and package design. And the third, which is definitely on the way up, is user experience specifically on mobile devices. 

Companies That Are Using Eye Tracking Technology - (10:25)

In the automotive industry, Nissan uses Toby eye tracking as a way of measuring driver performance and understanding the visual experience within the car. 

Some major brands are invested in eye tracking technology. They want to understand and optimize where their customers focusing their attention. By understanding that they can create better experiences and also better products. 

Eye Tracking and Advertising - (15:33)

Over the years, the metric of viewability has been used to understand how often your ad is on a screen that someone can look at. Eye tracking allows you to go one step further and look at visibility.

Our research found that with nearly 60 percent of ads, the eyeballs are not on the screen.

Part 2

Lifecycle Of Eye Tracking Technology - (04:13)

In the past, the supercomputer used to fill up an entire room and now it just fills up your pocket and your smartphone.

The same kind of thing has happened with eye-tracking technology. Both the processing and the size of the cameras that are used have gotten incredibly small. This has made the process much simpler - for both the researchers and the participants who are taking part in these studies.

The Data Collection Process - (07: 29)

These days the data is being collected and sent straight to the cloud where it's downloaded by the data analysts. They create reports and send them over to the client. 

The Future Of Eye Tracking Technology - ( 09:53)

Eye tracking is being integrated more than ever into different types of consumer systems. These include laptops, smartphones, and even automobiles. So rather than having this kind of free-standing system that's collecting eye-tracking data, there's the potential that it's just going to be built into the devices and systems that we are already using.

This will make data collection and analysis even easier.