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About Our guest

Benjamin Grubbs - Founder/CEO of Next 10 Ventures

Next 10 Ventures is both an operating and investment company focused on incubating and accelerating new businesses, content, products and services for a global consumer base.

Prior to launching Next 10 Ventures, Benjamin was Director at Google/YouTube, and senior manager at Turner, eBay and Yahoo!

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Show Notes

Part 1

Founding the Next 10 Ventures - (3:00)

Having worked in the media business for companies such as Youtube, I've come across a lot of creative and artistic people who used this platform to build an audience. 

However, there were others with a more entrepreneurial spirit. People who had a vision and saw that they could build a business on this platform. 

This made me realize that there was a need for a broader kind of consulting role, especially for this type of people who were trying to build something long-lasting. That's what lead me to found the Next 10 Ventures. 

The Overall Landscape of Content Creation - (5:58) 

Nowadays, it can be difficult to distinguish the user-generated content from what is being produced on the TV.  For example, Carpool Karaoke is using the same kind of production techniques that any content creator has been using on Youtube so far. 

In the beginning, people were doing it as a hobby, but over time, more money started flowing into this ecosystem which allowed creators to make a full time living off this thing.

The Brands, Content Creators, and the Production Fidelity - (8:54) 

We’ve passed the phase in which content creators did not want to disclose that they were being paid, because of the fear that they won’t seem authentic. 

In some markets, this is regulated now and you have to state whether a piece of content was a paid placement or not. Everything is more upfront right now. 

The Content Market Today - (12:01) 

The market is pretty broad and global. More than 80% of video consumption on Youtube happens outside the US. Youtube allows individuals and brands to get global from the very beginning, unlike content production for the linear television market. There are also lots of content categories. 

The Importance of Having a Support System in Content Production - (18:51) 

A great advice for people that are getting into the content production is to gather a team or find a pool of freelancers. One of the most important things is finding an editor who will be in the editorial charge, but who will also understand the key things you are trying to convey. Communication is very important.

Part 2

How Content Creators of All Sizes and Channels Create Their Content - (3:35) 

Just as marketers don’t produce the exact type of messaging across different channels, content creators should also tweak their content and notice how their audience differs across various platforms. 

The Various Ways Content Creators Monetize Their Content - (5:44) 

There are various ways for monetization but the most typical ones include earning money from different ad platforms such as Google Adsense, brand sponsorships and collaborations, but also from the audience itself. 

In Product Advertising Integration - (7:12) 

In order to make a full time living of platforms such as Google Adsense, you need to generate millions of views per month. It's the only way to have a sustainable business, based on advertising only. 

That’s why brand sponsorships can be way more meaningful. It’s very important to have more than one revenue stream and to think of multiple ways for monetization. 

Monetization of YouTube Channel and The Average CPM For Youtube - (10:25) 

If you generate about 5 million views a month from AdSense itself, you might be getting around $ $10,000 a month. That’s close to a $5 CPM. 

However, this all depends on your audience and geographical distribution, the type of content and the category. 

How Content Creators Find Brands To Work With - (14:29) 

There are various marketplaces that connect brands with the creators. A well-known one is Famebit, which was actually acquired by YouTube. 

Also, there are very specific ones - platforms which are focused on Instagram only etc. If you want to be proactive, you can create profiles and match with right brands. 

Observe your field, see which brands work with the content creators and reach out to them. 

Monetizing Your Audience - (17:21) 

This can be done via various tools and features. Youtube has a product feature called super chat which enables users to boost their posts. Users can also pay to access premium content, which is known as the subscription model. 

The Type of Content Creators the Next 10 Ventures Want to Reach - (21:38) 

We are looking at both incubation and acceleration front. We want to support creators financially and give them the freedom to create the type of content they want, but also offer them educational support. 

On the other side, we also work with the more established content creators who would like to accelerate what they already have. 

Right now we are focusing on the kids market, but also family health, well-being, education, and learning. 

Advice for the New Content Creators - (23:03)

Get into the mind of a creator. Think about the organic growth first, because it’s easy to get into paid marketing later on. Sell to your existing customers.