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Jeff White - Founder & CEO of Gravy Analytics

Gravy is the only location-based consumer intelligence platform identifying consumer interests based on verified local event attendances

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Jeff White is the Founder & CEO of Gravy Analytics, which delivers real world location intelligence to advertisers and brands. Prior to his current role, Jeff also founded companies such as mySBX and Blue Canopy. He holds an MBA from the Virginia Tech - Pamplin College of Business.

Show Notes

Part 1

Jeff's Background (02:00)

I consider myself a serial entrepreneur. I've had the opportunity to start and have some exits in a couple of businesses. In 2011, I wanted to get into mobile location data and mobile devices.

The first company I started was Blue Canopy. We helped companies manage technology outsourcing.

Gravy Analytics (05:36)

We did an analysis of the landscape and looked at what some of the larger players are doing in this space. We have found that there were going to be a lot of providers capturing attendances and using mobile location data. Our goal was to truly understand consumer behaviors.

Segmenting Events (07:30)

You’d be targeting incorrectly if you are looking at it as a homogenized venue. Also, the contextual relevance of why someone is at a particular place is vitally important to understand them. We have an event management system with powerful integrations.

We also create custom segments for our customers all the time and they're just recipes of how people are living their daily lives.

Privacy Protection (14:06)

For everything, we do there's a 100% user opt-in. They can choose to opt out anytime. We house and collect zero PII data. And lastly, there's full transparency throughout our entire supply chain of data. Our consumer will always know how their data is used. We are also 100% GDPR compliant.

Part 2

Transferring Event Data To Marketers (02:41)

The first way is audiences pre-bill cohort based upon understanding how people live their lives. The second is insights as we do a lot of attribution work. We validate 2 billion attendances every month.

Packaging Data (11:14)

We usually work with a flat CPM data. We have others where customers are trying to get very specific looking at high conversion. They want us to measure the conversion rate, they want to do things like conquesting and other things in case we may put together a plan.

It's a cycle where we first identify the best customers, and then set up the data and associated campaigns with our customers.

Advice For People Starting With This Channel (15.42)

The good news is - if you are already running programmatic advertising and if you're already using data to both build audiences and targeting segments, this is just a powerful extension of that.

If you are already doing these things you don't have to depart from them. We can just help you augment, enhance and enrich.