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About Our guest

Lindsay Stuart - VP of Business Intelligence at Max Borges Agency

Lindsay works with companies in the consumer and enterprise technology space, developing data-driven marketing strategies using media relations, influencer relations, social media and digital marketing to drive brand results. 

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Show Notes

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Part 2

Using Business Intelligence to Create Compelling Content - (03:03)

Netbase is a very valuable tool for us. It helps us scrape conversations happening online so we can get a deeper understanding and trends amongst customer conversations.

Collecting Data and Doing Surveys (04:48)

We do a consumer survey where we look at a specific topic. One of the latest ones we did was related to dating trends. Using internal data is extremely valuable when working with tech companies.

Creating Strategy With The Help of Data and Technology - (10:06)

A database such as Axiom helps us dig into the type of data that we are specifically after.

Advice for Younger Marketers Interested in PR - (16:18)

Don't focus all your attention on standard PR metrics only. Look deeper into metrics such as article shares and search terms. We advocate quality versus quantity.