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Daniel Rodriguez - Head of Marketing at Alyce

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Alyce is a platform that takes the anti-blast and anti-harass approach to B2B selling by making gift-giving simple, personal, and measurable. Researching a prospect's interests, writing them a card, and sending them a thoughtful, hand-selected gift are achieved at scale using Alyce's AI-enhanced B2B gifting platform.

Show Notes

Part 1

What is Alyce (02:32) 

We are trying to make it a lot easier for sales reps who are prospecting into target accounts to be human. I run the marketing effort at the company, which includes things from demand generation to positioning, design, PR, and hopefully creating a narrative that delights our customers all the way through. 

The Outreach That Builds Relationships (06:56) 

What we're specifically talking about here is that B2B selling interactions still require a human connection. There are some things that you can buy that you don't need to interact with anybody. 

This stuff matters a lot to companies that are selling expensive services since the sales cycles are longer. I think that people who are good at selling inherently know this.

The Important Pillars to Building a Relationship (09:07) 

When you are treated like a human you are more likely to want to engage with somebody. You have to be real to be treating somebody like a human. Being real is being relatable, being empathetic, being authentic and being lasting. 

The opposite actions include receiving completely unrelatable things, being careless, too salesy, being forgettable. 

The Approach That Alyce is Taking (13:58) 

Much of the audience that we are interested in interacting with and influencing are the folks that have an account base view of the world.

There’s a company that needed to go through the rebranding process because their reputation was severely damaged after constantly dealing and harassing people over the phone. They were unable to sell anything because of this behavior. 

Part 2

What Being Relatable Means (03:07) 

The type of outreach that comes across as spammy and annoying is happening through pretty much every channel that people have access to. People even do that through the direct mail channel too. 

When we think and talk about relatable, what we mean is the person not the persona. 

Grabbing Data (04:31) 

We needed to train the technology to only surface a certain level of information. As a company, we are not surfacing any information that would be about the race, gender, religion, political beliefs, etc. 

Also, we don’t recommend people trying to became relatable to someone based on these criteria.

People love seeing that someone took the time and effort to learn something about them. Avoid blindly connecting with someone and then being salesy. 

Other Data Sources Outside of Social Networks (10:13) 

Blogs and podcasts are great data sources. Also, it's a pretty powerful thing to be able to reference something that somebody has said in the context of selling interaction.

Last Words (13:28) 

It’s highly likely that there’s a lot of information that is publicly available to salespeople and marketers that allow them to connect with someone in a real way. 

Part 3

Why Is Empathy So Important? (02:45) 

Empathy is the foundational building block to trust, as well as reciprocity. 

Empathy in the Business Context (03:35) 

The approach needs to be about giving first, helping first. Put yourself in the shoes of your buyer and ask yourself what they want. And then be helpful and be giving as much as possible to accommodate that. 

There is reciprocity that is created through empathy, but you also need to be able to do new things unconditionally for people, knowing well that things do come back to us. 

What a lot of PR managers are using is the technique of mirroring. Sometimes just repeating some of the last words that someone said can be a powerful act of empathy. It shows that you as a listener care. 

The Tools for Remembering the Context of the Relationship (09:52) 

If people are using a CRM, then they have the place to go for that. Sometimes they are also using a sales productivity solutions like Sales Loft and Outreach to be able to capture some of the information. 

Part 4

Thinking About Authenticity (02:41) 

I think authenticity is about coming across as thoughtful and genuine. That is a very important characteristic of building a successful sales relationships. 

The opposite of authenticity is being too salesy. 

If you have access to the information that a person likes a certain kind of product and you’re trying to reach them via direct mail with that specific product, you’re showing them the appreciation. 

Part 5

Building an Impression That Lasts (03:02) 

It’s pretty difficult to make someone have a surprise and delight factor if it doesn’t feel personal to them. I was being sold to by somebody who worked at LinkedIn and that was through a personal story. 

This prospect used the information from my LinkedIn profile and she even found out at what dorm I have lived and then related to the fact that someone in her family also lived in that same dorm. 

It was a thoughtful way of relating and I had to answer back. 

Maintaining Personalization and Authenticity While Using Technology (09:42) 

We are using partly technology, and partly the physical world of the direct mail channel. Alyce works because of the surprise and delight factor. 

We want technology to live on the sales rep shoulder rather than somebody feeling like they're interacting with technology in between the rep and their prospect.