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Katie Miserany - Founding Partner at Worthwhile Digital

Worthwhile Digital is a full service digital agency that helps their clients with branding and content strategies. Katie and her team help companies create meaningful customer experiences that break through the noise and leave a lasting impression.


Show Notes

Part 1

Katie’s Background (01:46) 

I've worked at the intersection of marketing communications in just about every type of organization. I’ve done B2B, B2C, professional services, non-profit marketing. 

Most recently I was the Senior Director of Marketing at Sheryl Sandberg's foundation. 

Doing the Foundational Brand Building (02:31) 

I think about this in a three-step process. Step one is what do we want people to believe in, know or do. Step two is what information supports that message. And step three is how do we get this message out to the right audience.

Every single marketing campaign has to resonate with your company’s mission. 

One of my least favorite things that marketers do is that they create content for content sake.

When it comes to content, I think research and customer stories can be really powerful. Nearly 80 percent of customers find customer testimonials more trustworthy than content. 

Being Resourceful with the Marketing Channels (15:20) 

Even though you might not have Selena Gomez in your video or some other celebrity, you do have influencers in your network, whether they are the board members that are highly followed in your community or a partner you used to work with. Sometimes it's about rethinking who the influencers are in your sphere that you can work with.

In the B2C world, having customer conversations is one of the clearest ways to really distill those customer stories. 

Mapping the Identity of Company Against the Customer Personas (20:18) 

If you want your message to resonate you will need to establish what you are trying to say and the way you want to say it. The next step would be to map it against the different personas that you know that you're serving.

Part 2

The Difference Between Owned and Earned Media (02:26) 

I think about earned media as any time that you're asking someone to promote you. These are typically analyst relations, PR relations, any kind of media relations that you are doing. 

By contrast, any owned channels are channels where you can go on and directly do whatever you want. You're not having to go through any third party to get your message out there. 

One of my favorite things in marketing is that you can easily test any ideas from your team and it might turn out to be kind of thing that can change your whole strategy. 

Testing messages on owned channels is a really quick way to see if you're on the right track with your philosophy and how you're presenting it to people in the market. 

Distributing Across Multiple Channels (12:47) 

It’s really important to think about what works best on each channel for you. And if you don't know that, I think you need to do a lot more testing. For example, Instagram is a highly visual channel. On Twitter, link images tend to drive a lot of clicks and attention.